Indonesians in Japan

Indonesians in Japan
Indonesians in Japan
Regions with significant populations
Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka

Japanese, various languages of Indonesia


Islam, Christianity,[1] Buddhism, Hinduism[citation needed]

Indonesians in Japan (在日インドネシア人 Zainichi Indoneshiajin?, Indonesian: orang Indonesia di Jepang) form Japan's largest immigrant group from a Muslim-majority country. As of 2007, Japanese government figures recorded 25,620 legal residents of Indonesian nationality and estimated further 4,947 more were residing in the country illegally.[2][3]


Demography and distribution

Indonesians in Japan tend to be younger than other Muslim migrants; 64.5% of legal residents are recorded to be between 20 and 30 years old, whereas the majority of the other large Muslim migrant groups (Iranians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis) are between 30 and 40 years old.[4] 37% of legal residents live in the Kantō region, a much smaller proportion than for other Muslim migrants; that includes 2,175 people in Tokyo itself, 1,236 in Saitama, 1,204 in Ibaraki, 1,002 in Kanagawa, 845 in Chiba, 519 in Gunma, and 244 in Tochigi. The Greater Ōsaka Area and the Chūkyō Metropolitan Area, each have roughly 10% of Japan's Indonesian population; a further 6% can be found in both Nagano Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture. The remainder are scattered throughout the other prefectures, with between 30 and 500 in each one.[5]

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