Niña Amada Mía (telenovela)

Niña Amada Mía (telenovela)
Niña...Amada Mía
Directed by Alfredo Gurrola
Written by Juan Carlos Alcalá
Script by
Cinematography by Gilberto Macin
Produced by Angelli Nesma
Starring Karyme Lozano
Sergio Goyri
Eric del Castillo
Ludwika Paleta
Mayrín Villanueva
Music by
Theme song Niña Amada Mia
Performed by Alejandro Fernández
Country Mexico
Language Spanish
Network Televisa
Broadcast July 7, 2003 - December 12, 2003
No. of episodes 110

Niña... Amada Mia is a telenovela that premiered in 2003. It is a production of Angelli Nesma and the protagonists are Sergio Goyri and Karyme Lozano. Premiered in other countries, like in Greece in 2004 with the title 'Νίνα'. by repeating the 2005 and 2006.


Clemente Soriano prides himself on his wealth, power and family. He has three beautiful daughters, a young, beautiful wife, and loyal servants. He believes that his daughters, Isabella, Diana, and Carolina, only deserve the best. However, past the mask of a loving father lays the man who will do anything to gain what he wants. Even murder. Octavio Uriarte and his mother Socorro have been the enemies of Clemente,since the birth of his first daughter. Both Uriartes are convinced that Clemente killed Octavio's brother, Servando, to gain possession of his ranch "La Noria" and his wife Isabella. But only Paz, the faithful maid and nanny of Clemente's daughters, and Pascual, the foreman of "La Noria", know the truth of what really happened between Clemente and Servando 28 years ago. Isabella, the eldest of Clemente's daughters, is her father's pride and joy. She is prideful, and is ruthless in business, just like her father. She loves her father, and believes that her father's new wife, Karina, is only interested in the wealth and power she gains from her marriage. Isabella becomes engaged to Cesar the horse trainer in the Olympio, however she finds herself attracted to the new veterinarian Victor Izzaguirre. Victor Izaguirre, a well-known veterinarian who is not legally divorced from his estranged wife Consuelo, the mother of his two daughters: Ximena and Pili. Because Isabella loves Victor, Karina decides to seduce him. Even though Victor loves Isabella very much, he falls in Karina's traps and Isabella, prideful like her father, refuses to hear him out and becomes engaged to Cesar once more. Isabella also has a parallel situation that has to do with her origins. For her, it is painful to know the truth about her birth and her origin and she feels anger against Paz, her nanny, for having lied to her. In the end, Clemente accepts the truth in front of Isabella. Diana, the shyest of the sisters, returns home with a degree in architecture. Without knowing her father's rivalry with Octavio Uriarte, she begins to work for his firm. Even after she finds out about the rivalry, she falls in love with Octavio, who used to be her professor when she studied architecture. At first, what separates the couple is the fact that they are from two rival families, and their age difference. The fact that Mauricio, protegé of Octavio, is also in love with Diana, adds up to the other two obstacles. Even with all of these impediments, Diana gives herself to Octavio's love, but then realizes that the hate between the two families seems unsurmountable. Octavio, disillusioned with Diana, marries Mariana, his old girlfriend. But after so much impediments Diana and Octavio have a baby and end up together and engaged. Carolina, the youngest of the Soriano sisters, returns from her studies in the United States to rekindle her relationship with Rafael, a man who seems only interested in her fortune. However, she ends up falling in love with Pablo, Paz's son, even though she had rejected and humiliated him because of his status and in the end they also end up engaged. Because he believes his daughters deserve better, Clemente destroys their love lives, and inadvertently distances them from himself. Without intention, Clemente becomes the villain of the story. He receives what he deserves when his marriage is destroyed. He becomes isolated and rejected by his daughters, who are his most prized treasure. However, he recognizes all the errors he has made, accepts his daughters' lifestyle and romantic decisions and obtains forgiveness from them.


  • Karyme Lozano as Isabella love with Victor
  • Sergio Goyri as Victor love with Isabella
  • Mercedes Molto as Karina Soriano...villain
  • Eric del Castillo as Clemente Soriano... father of Isabella, Diana & Carolina
  • Mayrín Villanueva as Diana love with Octavio
  • Ludwika Paleta as Carolina love with Pablo
  • Otto Sirgo as Octavio love with Diana
  • Emilia Carranza as Socorro Uriarte
  • Julio Mannino as love with Carolina
  • Isaura Espinoza as Paz
  • Roberto Palazuelos as Rafael...villain (Karina's Lover)
  • Juan Pablo Gamboa as Cesar...villain (Karina's Half Brother)
  • Antonio Medellín as Pascual
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Melchor Arrietta
  • Cecilia Gabriela as Consuelo
  • Norma Lazareno as Judith
  • Mariagna Prats as Mariagna Prats
  • Luis Gatica as Jorge
  • Socorro Bonilla as Casilda
  • Arlette Pacheco as Zulema
  • Eugenia Cauduro as Julia
  • Paty Martinez as Trini
  • Myrrha Saavedra as Gloria
  • Oscar Traven as Alvarado
  • Roberto Damico as Hurtado
  • Fernando Robles as Robles
  • Ricardo Vera as Arizmendi
  • Jan[disambiguation needed ] as Mauricio
  • Yuliana Peniche as Luz
  • Oscar Ferretti as Horacio


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