Echo (disambiguation)

Echo (disambiguation)

Echo most commonly refers to Echo (phenomenon), a reflection (and/or repetition) of sound.

It may also refer to:


* Echo (command), a Unix, DOS and Microsoft Windows command to display a line of text
* Echo (framework), a web framework for Java programming
* The echo protocol, an internet protocol largely superseded by ping
* A command in programming languages to output one or more strings
* A discussion forum on FidoNet

Fiction and mythology

* Echo (mythology), a nymph
* Echo (comics), a superheroine in the Marvel universe
* Echo (comic book), a comic book title by Terry Moore, launched in 2008
* "Echo" (1997 film), a 1997 TV film
* "Echo" (2003 film), a 2003 short film directed by Tom Oesch
* "", a video game
* A race of aliens from the UK TV series Invasion Earth
* "Echo" (Dollhouse episode) second episode of the Joss Whedon series "Dollhouse"


* "Echo" (Trapt song)
* Echo (producer), a reggaeton producer
* "Echo" (Dave Burrell album)
* "Echo" (Tom Petty album)
* ECHO (music award)
* The Echo (venue)
* Echo Records, a record label
* Echo & the Bunnymen, a band


* "The Echo" (Irish Newspaper), based in Dublin, Ireland
* "The Byron Shire Echo", based in Byron Bay, Australia
* "The Irish Echo", based in New York City
* "The Liverpool Echo", based in Liverpool, England
* "The Northern Echo", based in Darlington, England
* "South Wales Echo", based in Cardiff, Wales
* "Echo Weekly", based in Kitchener, Ontario


* Echo, Minnesota
* Echo, Oregon
* Echo, Aragón, Spain
* Echo Lake, Washington
* Echo Township, Michigan
* Echo Township, Minnesota

cience and technology

* Echo class submarine, used by the Soviet Navy
* Echo satellite, one of the first communications satellites
* Echo sounding, a way to measure water depth
* Echocardiography, an imaging technique used to assess heart function
* Echovirus, short for "enteric cytopathic human orphan" virus
* Light echo, a visual phenomenon
* Signal reflection, a concept in telecommunications
* ECHO Clearinghouse, NASA's registry of Earth Science data and services, an early SOA example

Names of ships and boats

* "Echo" (steam tug on Puget Sound)

Other uses

* ECHO (European Commission), a department of the European Union
* Echo Outdoor Power Equipment, a landscaping and forestry tool manufacturer
* Echo of Moscow, a Russian radio station
* Echo Johnson, a model and actress
* Extended Care Health Option, a health coverage program
* 60 Echo, an asteroid
* Toyota Echo, a car
* Echo Mountain Park, a ski area in Colorado
* A letter in the NATO phonetic alphabet
* The title of a poem by Christina Rosetti

ee also

* Echoes
* Ecko

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