Telephone numbers in Spain

Telephone numbers in Spain

The Spanish telephone numbering plan describes the allocation of telephone numbers in Spain. It is regulated by [ CMT] (Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones).

Country Code: 34
International Call Prefix: 00


Spain changed to a closed numbering plan in 1998. Previously, the trunk prefix was '9', but this was incorporated into the subscriber's number, so that a nine-digit number was used for all calls, eg:

xxx xxx [x] (within Spain before 1998) 9x xxx xxxx (within Spain, after 1998) +34 1 xxx xxxx (outside Spain before 1998) +34 9x xxx xxxx (after 1998)

Mobiles similarly changed: they are now prefixed with the digit '6':

909 xxx xxx (within Spain before 1998) +34 09 xxx xxx (outside Spain before 1998) +34 6xx xxx xxx (after 1998)

New numbering ranges have also since been introduced:

10xx Carrier selection codes 700 xxx xxx Personal numbering 8xx xxx xxx Geographic expansion 800 xxx xxx Freephone 900 xxx xxx Freephone 80x xxx xxx Shared cost 90x xxx xxx Shared cost

Spain's international access code also changed from 07 to 00, but this did not affect dialing arrangements for calls to Gibraltar, in which the provincial code 9567 was used instead of the international code 350, eg:

9567 xxxxx (Gibraltar from Spain) +350 xxxxx (Gibraltar from all other countries) +34 9567 xxxxx (Gibraltar via Spain)

This arrangement was discontinued on 10th February 2007 when Spain adopted the international 00350 prefix for all calls to Gibraltar. See Gibraltar telecom dispute.

International Number Lengths

Country code : +34

Minimum number length after International prefix : 3 digits (Most numbers, other than service numbers, are at least 9 digits.)

Maximum number length after International prefix : 9 digits

Present Numbering Plan

Country Code: 34

International Prefix: 00

There is no Long Distance Prefix in Spanish numbers. If you are tryingto call 912345678, you must use that exact number from Spain, and+34912345678 from abroad.


Spanish landline phone numbers total nine digits: a two or three-digitarea code and a six or seven-digit phone number (e.g. 91 234 5678)beginning with the digit 9 (or sometimes 8) but excluding 90 and 80. Landlinearea codes follow a geographic numbering system.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phone numbers begin with 6, followed by 8 digits.

Personal Numbering

Personal numbers are used as redirection IDs. The owner of a personal numbermay request, for example, any call to its personal number to be redirectedto any other number it wants.

Personal numbers begin with 70, followed by 7 digits.

Other numbers

*Numbers starting with 2, 3, 4, 5, 7X (X: numbers other than zero), and 99 are reserved.
*Numbers starting with 0 and 1 are used to compose short numbers or for prefixes.
*Numbers starting with 80 and 90 are used for premium rates, toll free, and internet access numbers. 803, 806, and 807 prefixes are used for premium rate calls, where the caller pays a fixed amount of money per minute. 905 numbers are supposed to be used for voting systems. Calls have a limited duration (typically 3 minutes), and are charged a fixed rate per call. They are often used in TV shows as a substitutive of 80 numbers, both for image reasons and because operators are not obliged to block them on a user request, as 80 numbers are [ [ Spanish Consumers Union criticizes the use of 905 numbers as 806 substitutives (Spanish)] ]

Telephone prefixes


External links

* [ Spanish Numbering plan from CMT/Spanish Communications Regulator (Spanish)]
* [ Operator codes assigned to each network - Due to portability it can change - Registration Needed]
* [ Real Decreto 2296/2004, de 10 de diciembre (Spanish)]
* [ Resolución de 30 de junio de 2005, de la Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información por la que se atribuyen recursos públicos de numeración al servicio telefónico fijo disponible al público y a los servicios vocales nómadas, y se adjudican determinados indicativos provinciales (Spanish)]

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