Michael Redhill

Michael Redhill

Michael Redhill (born 12 June 1966) is an American-born Canadian poet, playwright and novelist.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Redhill was raised in the metropolitan Toronto, Ontario area. He pursued one year of study at Indiana University, and then returned to Canada, completing his education at York University and the University of Toronto. He was on the editorial board of Coach House Press from 1993 to 1996, and is currently the publisher and editor of the Canadian literary magazine Brick.

His play, Building Jerusalem, depicts a meeting between Karl Pearson, Augusta Stowe-Gullen, Adelaide Hoodless, and Silas Tertius Rand on New Year's Eve night just prior to the 20th century.




  • Music for Silence (self-published, 1985)
  • Temporary Captives (privately published, 1989)
  • Impromptu Feats of Balance (Don Mills, ON: Wolsak and Wynn, 1990)
  • Lake Nora Arms (Toronto: Coach House, 1993; reissued by House of Anansi, 2001)
  • Asphodel (Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1997)
  • Light-Crossing (Toronto: House of Anansi, 2001)


  • Martin Sloane (Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2001)
  • Fidelity (Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2003)
  • Consolation (Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 2006)


  • Heretics (privately published, 1993)
  • Building Jerusalem (Toronto: Playwrights Union Canada, 2001)
  • Goodness (Toronto: Coach House, 2005)



Building Jerusalem

Martin Sloane


Other awards

  • The League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Contest, first prize, 1988
  • Norma Epstein Award for poetry (University of Toronto), 1990
  • The E.J. Pratt Prize for poetry (University of Toronto), 1991
  • The Carol Tambor Award, for Goodness, 2006
  • Scotsman Fringe First Award, (Edinburgh Festival Fringe), 2006

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