Mobile Assault Platoon

Mobile Assault Platoon

Mobile Assault Platoon (also known as MAP platoon, or MAP) is a term used to describe a platoon in a Mobile Assault Company, usually in the United States Marine Corps in Iraq, that patrol in humvees as opposed to by foot.[1]

The benefits of the vehicles are speed and mobility. Unfortunately the vehicles are imposing and make it more difficult to interact with the local population.

MAP platoons are usually more heavily armed, since the humvee provides armored protection and allows for a powerful weapon (a heavy machine gun, for example) to be mounted on top of the vehicle.

MAP platoons, being vehicle-borne, are also susceptible to IEDs and are easy targets if their patrol routes become predictable.[2]

Some MAP patrols use a combination of foot patrols and vehicle patrols depending on the volatility of the area.


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