Hùng temple

Hùng temple

Hùng temple, locating in Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain, Cổ Tích village, Hy Cương commune, Phong Châu district, Phú Thọ province, is the most sacred Vietnamese national historic and cultural complex site. Hùng temple's the place of worship Hùng Vương- the first King of Vietnam and the first son of Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ. Hùng temple's also the place where was the center of the first capital of Vietnam- Phong Châu, according to ancient tales. It is the symbol of glorious Đông Sơn culture. This temple is the most significant political and social institution of Vietnam. For thousands of year, all Vietnamese dynasties and governments have always regarded it as "Nam Việt Triệu Tổ" (place of Vietnamese millionth-generation ancestor). All Vietnamese people are proud of it and remember to celebrate Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương every 10th day of 3rd lunar month here.


It told that once upon a time, Hùng Vương The First was looking for a place to set up the capital. The King had gone to 99 places but he hadn't been satisfactory. One day, he gone to Hy Cương village. Immediately, his horse whinny resoundingly. He stopped and gone to the highest mountain- Nghĩa Lĩnh, saw four directions. At last, he decided to choose this place.

Phú Thọ is fat and green midland area. In Fengshui opinion, Phong Châu is the land of "sơn chầu thủy tụ" (place where mountains and rivers gather), "long chầu hổ phục" (place where dragons and tigers attend upon), "phượng bay ngựa chạy" (place where phoenixes fly and horses run) and the land where's abundant in "khí thiêng sông núi" (sacred country's qi- flow of energy). This place is full of obstacles and difficult of access that's easy to protect, but also easy of access to welcome people come from other places. This is the confluence of 3 rivers: Đà river, red water- Thao river and clear blue water- river. In front of Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain, it's Việt Trì three- way crossroads where there're tens of turtle- shape low hill direct to Hùng temple. Behind Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain, it's Hy Cương village form a letter- bringing phoenix shape. At the right of this mountain, there's Khang Phụ hill like an attending tiger. At the left of this mountain, there's An Thái hill like an arrow- shooting army general for protecting this temple. At the foot of the mountain, there's Cổ Tích village on the horse- shape hill and Thậm Thình village where villagers stay awake throung a night to pound rice in order that Lang Liêu make bánh chưng and bánh dày. From Thậm Thình to Phú Lộc, there're hills which're incarnation of 100 elephants of which 99 elephants direct to Hùng temple but 1 elephant didn't. That's why the God cut off its head and the hill of this elephant still overflow blood nowadays. Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain- 175m high like head of a dragon direct to the South and the body of this dragon are Trọc mountain, Vặn mountain and Pheo mountain. Nghĩa Lĩnh mountain, Vặn mountain and Trọc mountain's regarded as "Tam Sơn Cấm Địa" (3 forbidden mountain).


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