Parbhani District

Parbhani District

Parbhani, earlier also known as Prabhavatinagar, is one of the eight districts in the Marathawada region of Maharashtra State of India. The district had a population of 1,527,715 of which 31.76% were urban as of 2001.


Parbhani district lies between 18.45 and 20.10 North Latitudes and 76.13 and 77.39 East Longitude. coord|19|30|N|76|45|E|region:IN_type:adm2nd|display=title The district is bounded on the north by Hingoli district. On the east by Nanded district, on the South by Latur and on the West by Beed and Jalna districts.

This entire Marathwada region, a district geographical region, was a part of Hyderabad State. After reorganization of states in 1956 it became a part of the then Bombay state and from 1960 onwards it is part of the present Maharashtra state.

The state capital of Mumbai is to the west; Parbhani is well connected by road to other major towns in Maharashtra and also in the neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh.

Parbhani is a major railway junction connecting Andhra with Marathwada. It is also known as a store of Jowar in Marathwada.In the field of education the parbhani is known for the famous Marathwada agricultural university which is very helpful for the peoples residing all around.

Area and Administrative Divisions

Parbhani district covers an area of about 6250.58 The district is divided into 9 administrative Sub-units ( Tahsils)-Parbhani, Gangakhed, Sonpeth, Pathri, Manwath, Palam, Selu, Jintur, and Purna.

Salient Physical Features

The hills on the north east form part of the Ajanta Hill ranges which passes through Jintur Tahsil. The hills on the southern side are the Balaghat Hill ranges. The district is at an average height of 357 m from mean sea level.

Land of Saints

Parbhani has been described as the land of saints, as several saints have been associated with Parbhani including like saint Namdeo from Narsi, Janabai from Gangakhed. The famous mathematician Bhaskarbhatt was from Bori in Parbhani district.

Near Parbhani is the town Selu, where Guru of shri Sai Baba "Shri Babasaheb Maharaj" was living. Sai stayed with him for 12 years during which time he acquired knowledge from his Guru.

The river Godaviri flows through this district. There are so many good temples on the bank of Godaviri river. One of them is the Mudgaleshwar Temple at Mudgal, (Pathri. Taluka.)

the school nutan vidyalay in selu is one of the oldest school in region established in 1939 swami ramanand tirth was related to this schoolthere is one darga of sufi saint shah abu shah wali very famous in parbhani.

Near parbhani villege dastapur,where great sant shri maroti maharaj.who was known as "kirtankar".Shri maroti maharaj spend there whole life for people.


It is located on the bank of Godavari river. Temple is in the midst of river. Temple was built by "Ahilya Bai". Lord "Narasimha Swamy" has taken the form "Shivalinga" along with his wife "Mahalaxmi" and son "Moudgalya" and daughter-in-law "Jaanabai". During rainy season the temple will get immersed in water. To have darshan one has to swim to the temple. Best time to visit is summer season i.e from April to June. To reach the place one has to travel by train via "Parbhani" or "Parli Vaidyanath".The temple is managed by Shri Sahebrao Mudgalkar and Shri Subhashrao Mudgalkar. The Shivaratri is celebrated here every year. All type of pujas are performed here. Nagbali and Sukhshanti pujas are very famous. Now a dam is being constructed on the river. The place is very calm and peaceful. Evening sun set is very beautiful.

Famous places

The famous temple called "Pardeshwar" is situated in the city. In this temple the shivlinga is built by using mercury. In marathi language, mercury is called "para" so it's name Pardeshwar temple.

Nemagiri is Holy place for Jains. The wonderful Bhgvan Parshwanth idol is situated on 1.5 inch diameter stone. The idol is about 6 feet made in Black stone. It is wonderul place where you will find Bhagvan Neminath and Bhagvan Shantinath huge idols.

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parbhani -: near about 10 km away holi place known as Tridhara is situated where three rivres SANGAM occers & from this place 4–5 km away famous Jain temple Known as "Navagadh" is situated.

The Balagi temple famous in Gangakhed.The DARGAH OF SAYYAD TURABUL HAQQ at parbhani.

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