Sodium zincate

Sodium zincate

Sodium zincate (Na2ZnO2) is a complex salt of sodium. It is formed by the action of sodium hydroxide, a strong alkali on metallic zinc.

:Zn + 2 NaOH → Na2ZnO2 + H2

The reaction takes place at room temperature.

Sodium zincate can also be prepared by the fusion of the oxides involved viz. sodium oxide (Na2O) and zinc oxide (ZnO).

:Na2O + ZnO → Na2ZnO2.

Sodium zincate is a trivial name, but it is widely used in the metal plating industry. The IUPAC name of disodium tetrahydroxyzincate is preferred. EC#: 235-342-1,CAS#: 12179-14-5

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