Red Rhino Records

Red Rhino Records

Red Rhino Records, also known as Red Rhino, was a British record label which was developed by the independent record shop and wholesaler of the same name, all formed and run by "Tony K" (Tony Kostrzewa) [cite web|url=|title=Obituaries: Tony Kostrzewa - Founder of Red Rhino Records|accessdate=2008-05-25|first=Pierre|last=Perrone|publisher="The Independent"] .


Set up at the end of the 1970s, it maintained its base in York, UK and through the early 1980s, with the growth of independently produced music, expanded its business to a point where the wholesale side became the separate entity, Red Rhino Distribution Limited. It also developed, in parallel with the main record label, a small music publishing company called Screaming Red Music and the subsidiary labels Ediesta and Red Rhino Europe (RRE), the latter notable for releases by Front 242 and Butthole Surfers. The label was closed down with the financial collapse of Red Rhino Distribution in 1988 ["New Musical Express" 17 December 1988] ["Dead Rhino - indie distributor in receivership" "Sounds" 17 December 1988] , while its subsidiary label Red Rhino Europe continued under the name RRE Records (or simply RRE) as a subsidiary of Play It Again Sam [So stated on RRE's Front 242 releases in 1990-1995] . The most notable artists featured in the main label's catalogue were The Mekons, Skeletal Family, and the first record releases by Pulp.

Discography [based substantially on the published catalogue, summer 1985]

RED 1 The Odds "Saturday Night" (7 inch single)
RED 2 Akrylykz "Spiderman" (7 inch single)
RED 3 Deadbeats "Choose You" (7 inch single)
RED 4 unreleased
RED 5 The Distributors "Lean On Me" (7 inch single)
RED 6 Rhythm Clicks "Short Time" (7 inch single)
RED 7 The Mekons "Snow" (7 inch single)
RED 8 Normil Hawaiians "Gala Failed" (12 inch single)
RED 9 The Distributors "Hold" (12 inch single)
RED 10 Soul On Ice "Underwater" (12 inch single)
RED 11 unreleased
RED 12 Soviet France (untitled) (vinyl album)
RED 13 Time In Motion "Quiet Time" (7 inch single)
RED 14 1919 "Caged" (7 inch single)
RED 15 Xpozez "10,000 Marching Feet" (7 inch single)
RED 16 Nod "Dad" (7 inch single)
RED 17 Steve Dixon "Talking Candy Blues '82" (7 inch single)
RED 18 Hula "Black Pop Workout" (12 inch single)
RED 19 Time In Motion "I Wanna Be Your Telephone" (7 inch single)
RED 20 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Beating My Head" (7 inch single)
RED 21 Darkness & Jive "Hooked On You" (7 inch single)
RED 22 1919 Repulsion (7 inch single)
RED 23 Soviet France "Norsch" (vinyl album)
RED 24 Soul On Ice "Widescreen" (7 inch single)
REDLP 25 1919 "Machine" (vinyl album)
RED 26 Zoot and the Roots "Little Red Rooster" (7 inch single)
RED 27 Darkness & Jive "Furnace" (7 inch single)
RED 28 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Take It All" (7 inch single)
REDLP 29 Pulp "It" (vinyl album)
RED 30 See You In Vegas "Work" (7 inch single)
RED 31 Tronics "Wildcat Rock" (7 inch single)
RED 32 Pulp "My Lighthouse" (7 inch single)
RED 33 Punilux "Hold Me (Never Mould Me)" (7 inch single)
REDLP 34 Punilux "7" (vinyl album)
REDLP 35 Hula "Cut From Inside" (vinyl album)
RED 36 Skeletal Family "The Night" (7 inch single)
RED 37 Pulp "Everybody's Problem" (7 inch single)
REDLP 38 Native Europe "Searching For An Orchestration" (vinyl album)
RED 39 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "He's Read" (7 inch single)
REDLP 40 Soviet France "Mohnomishe" (vinyl album)
RED 41 Skeletal Family "She Cries Alone" (7 inch single)
REDT 41 Skeletal Family "She Cries Alone" (12 inch single)
REDT 42 Skeletal Family "Recollect" (vinyl album)
REDT 43 Skeletal Family "So Sure" (12 inch single)
REDLP 44 Skeletal Family "Burning Oil" (vinyl album)
REDLP 45 Soviet France "Eostre" (vinyl album)
REDLP 46 Punilux "Feels Like Dancing Wartime" (vinyl album)
REDT 47 Hula "Fever Car" (12 inch single)
RED 48 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "This Today" (12 inch single)
RED 49 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Monkeys On Juice" (7 inch single)
REDT 49 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Monkeys On Juice" (12 inch single)
REDLP 50 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Talk About The Weather" (vinyl album)
RED 51 La Muerte "Surrealist Mystery" (12 inch single)
RED 52 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Hollow Eyes" (7 inch single)
REDLP 53 Hula "Murmur" (vinyl album)
RED 54 Skeletal Family "Promised Land" (7 inch single)
REDT 54 Skeletal Family "Promised Land" (12 inch single)
RED 55 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Chance" (7 inch single)
REDT 55 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Chance" (12 inch single)
RED 56 Hula "Get The Habit" (7 inch single)
REDT 56 Hula "Get The Habit" (12 inch single)
REDLP 57 Skeletal Family "Futile Combat" (vinyl album)
REDC 58 Zoviet France "Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music" (2 x audio cassette, joint release with Singing Ringing)
REDT 60 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Spinning Round" (12 inch single)
RED 62 Hula "Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass" (7 inch single)
REDT 62 Hula "Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass" (12 inch single)
RED 64 Hula "Freeze Out" (7 inch single)
REDT 64 Hula "Freeze Out" (12 inch single)
REDC 65 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Paint Your Wagon" (audio cassette)
REDCD 65 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Paint Your Wagon" (compact disc)
REDF 65 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Paint Your Wagon" (limited edition 7 inch single)
RED 66 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Walking On Your Hands" (7 inch single)
REDT 66 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Walking On Your Hands" (12 inch single)
REDLP 67 Zoviet France "Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals" (vinyl album)
REDLP 67A Zoviet France "Gesture Signal Threat" (audio cassette)
REDLP 68 Zoviet France "A Flock Of Rotations" (vinyl album)
REDLP 68A Zoviet France "Assault and Mirage" (audio cassette)
REDLP 71 Hula "Shadowland" (vinyl album)
REDT 72 Hula "Black Wall Blue" (12 inch single)
REDT 73 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Cut Down" (12 inch single)
REDT 74 Hula "Poison" (12 inch single)
REDLP 75 Hula "Voice" (vinyl album)
REDC 75 Hula "Voice" (audio cassette)
REDD 76 The Lorries "Crawling Mantra" (2 x 7 inch single)
REDT 76 The Lorries "Crawling Mantra" (12 inch single)
REDT 79 The Creepers "Brute Terminally Ill Mix" (12 inch single)
REDT 80 Hula" Cut Me Loose" (12 inch single)
REDLP 82 The Creepers "Rock 'n' Roll Liquorice Flavour" (vinyl album)
REDCD 83 Hula "Threshold" (compact disc)
REDLP 83 Hula "Threshold" (vinyl album)
REDC 83 Hula "Threshold" (audio cassette)
REDCD 84 The Gun Club "Mother Juno" (compact disc)
REDLP 84 The Gun Club "Mother Juno" (vinyl album)
REDC 85 Hula "Cut From Inside/ Murmur" (audio cassette)
REDCD 86 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Smashed Hits" (compact disc)
REDLP 86 Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Smashed Hits" (vinyl album)
REDLP 87 The Rhythm Sisters "Road To Roundhay Pier" (vinyl album)
REDCD 88 various artists "'Til Things Are Brighter...A Tribute To Johnny Cash" (compact disc)
REDLP 88 various artists "'Til Things Are Brighter...A Tribute To Johnny Cash" (vinyl album)
REDCD 91 Zoviet France "Shouting At The Ground" (compact disc)
REDLP 91 Zoviet France "Shouting At The Ground" (2 x vinyl album)
TACKLP 1 Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System "Tackhead Tape Time" (vinyl album)
TAP 1 The Distributors "Wireless" (7 inch single)


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