M'Kraan Crystal

M'Kraan Crystal

In the fictional Marvel Comics Universe, the M'Kraan Crystal (pronounced "EM-kron", "MA-crayon" or "MA-craan" as in "" the video game) is a gigantic crystalline artifact that lies at the nexus of all realities. The Crystal also serves as a housing for an endless city and an orb that contains a neutron galaxy. The Crystal plays a prominent role in several major storylines, including the Dark Phoenix Saga and the Age of Apocalypse. The Saga states that the Phoenix Force is the legendary guardian of the crystal.


As the Nexus of all Realities, the Crystal can allow travel between universes, but opening the Crystal could cause the mass of the neutron galaxy inside to suck in the entire universe and cause a chain-reaction across the omniverse, destroying all universes in existence. The city inside can only be reached once every million years: when specific galaxies are aligned, the M'Kraan Crystal will allow entry for a short period of time. It also houses the White Hot Room, the place in which the Phoenix Force places all beings to heal them or return them to life. As it is a singleton across all universes, the reality-hopping Exiles have recently figured out how to use the Crystal to visit selected realities; on the Age of Apocalypse, Dark Beast discovered a means to travel through the Crystal to alternate Earths. The Exiles used it as a means to reach the Panoptichron, a place that exists outside of time and space.It apparently can also repower depowered mutants, as Professor Xavier regained his powers after being trapped in and escaping the M'Kraan Crystal.


The M'Kraan Crystal first appeared in "Uncanny X-Men" #107. Placed on an abandoned planet, known only as The World, the Crystal was considered sacred by the alien race known as the Shi'ar, a symbol of their faith. The mad Shi'ar emperor D'Ken wanted to use its legendary power for his own ends, and so D'Ken's sister Lilandra Neramani allied herself with the X-Men to stop her brother's mad quest, knowing that the Crystal was nicknamed "The End of All That Is". The Phoenix Force, still weakened and unexperienced in using the new host body of Jean Grey, flew to the crystal to try and stop D'Ken, but was sucked in, with everyone else. Inside they found a large endless city, at the center of which was the heart of the Crystal - a sphere which contained a Neutron Galaxy. The X-Men, along with D'Ken, were rendered immobile by a ray coming out of the orb, which caused everyone to live out their greatest nightmares. Only Phoenix/Jean Grey was unaffected. Using her empathic link she had with the crystal, Phoenix/Jean Grey discovered an energy field in the form of a latticework, which acted as a living shield - for the Neutron Galaxy was deteriorating and due to its intense gravity, would cause all of creation to be sucked into it. Phoenix/Jean Grey used her powers, to try and repair the latticework but found she wasn’t strong enough, so she reached out telepathically to her fellow X-Men for aid, and with their combined power Phoenix/Jean Grey was able to repair the Crystal and thus save the universe from ultimate destruction.

The M'Kraan Crystal is also sensitive to disruptions of history and reality. When Charles Xavier's son, Legion traveled back in time to kill Magneto, he instead killed Charles. This resulted in a disruption within the Crystal which exploded with a massive wave of energy which washed over the universe, crystalizing everything that existed, before destroying it all. This resulted in a time being 'restarted' as the Age of Apocalypse. During the AoA the M'Kraan Crystal was a major factor as it was discovered that a small shard of the M'Kraan Crystal contained the power of the full Crystal. Apocalypse was planning on using the Crystal to conquer other universes, but Bishop used the Crystal to travel back in time and restore reality. A small shard of the Crystal was responsible for moving X-Man and Holocaust from the Age of Apocalypse Earth to Earth 616, while Sugar Man and Dark Beast entered a larger version to make the same trip. Holocaust would have this shard embedded in him for a while, draining power from the Crystal until X-Man removed it.

During the miniseries called X-Men: Emperor Vulcan it was revealed that the World was once inhabited by the race known as the M'Kraan, until the Shi'ar attacked them, killed a great number of their people, making the rest flee for their lives. Eventually, the Shi'ar settled on their planet, took the M'Kraan Crystal as their own, and passed down the legend of the M'Kraan Crystal as a sacred gift from their deities, Sharra & K'ythri. The M'Kraan, now calling themselves the Scy`ar Tal (translates as "Death to the Shi'ar") returned and tried to reclaim the Crystal as well as to destroy the Shi'ar empire, only to be defeated by Vulcan and the Starjammers. However, at the end of the miniseries it was revealed that the Scy`ar Tal also conquered the World before they settled on it, so who lived there before and built the M'Kraan Crystal remains a mystery.


The M'Kraan Crystal is guarded by Jahf, a small android with tremendous strength and durability. Should Jahf be defeated, the gigantic robot Modt takes its place. Modt is said to be a thousand times stronger and more powerful than Jahf. Modt claimed that should he be defeated an even more powerful guardian would appear, and that an endless number of increasingly powerful guardians were waiting beyond him. So far nobody has been able to defeat Modt. These Guardians seem to exist in all different realities simultaneously, as Jahf in the Age of Apocalypse had knowledge of the events on Earth 616.

Should the Guardians be avoided, a second layer of defense exists: any person entering the M'Kraan crystal will live through his greatest fears.

The Phoenix Force generally protects the M'Kraan Crystal against abuse as well; it has also shown the ability to overwhelm other guardians of the crystal with ridiculous ease. The White Hot Room, home to all the avatars and hosts of the Phoenix Force, is believed to be located within the City inside the Crystal although Jean has stated that the White Hot Room exists on another plane of existence beyond everything, nevertheless, the White Hot Room can be accessed through the M'kraan Crystal.

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The M'Kraan crystal appears in the video game "". It is used to generate a shield around Deathbird and a shard of it is used to absorb some of the power stolen from Odin by Doctor Doom.

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