University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication

UNC-Chapel Hill programs
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The first UNC journalism class was taught in 1909 in the English department. The Department of Journalism was founded in 1924. It became a school in 1950. In 1990, Mass Communication was added to the name. In 1999, the School moved into Carroll Hall. The School has been nationally accredited since 1958 by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). In 2003, it was recognized by academics and media professionals as perhaps the best program in the nation.
* Bachelor’s in Journalism (ABJO)
* Master’s in Journalism (MA)
* Doctorate in Journalism (PhD)
* M.A./J.D. Dual Degree
* Graduate Certificate in Technology and Communication (delivered online)

The School is home to the following specialties:
* News Editorial
* Multimedia
* Photojournalism
* Public Relations
* Advertising
* Graphic Design for newspapers, magazines and Web
* Business Journalism
* Community Journalism
* Medical Journalism
* Sports Communication

The School has 48 full-time faculty. In the School, there are approximately 800 undergraduate students, 100 graduate students (60 Master's and 40 PhD).

The School has nearly 9,000 alumni in all 50 states and 29 countries, including 5,000 alumni in North Carolina. Twenty-four of the School's former students and faculty members have won or been part of 28 Pulitzer Prizes, including the late editorial cartoonist Jeff MacNelly, a three-time Pulitzer winner.

Jean Folkerts became dean of the school on July 1, 2006. She was the former director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. She was named national journalism Teacher of the Year in 2001. Folkerts followed Tom Bowers, who had served as interim dean for one year and had been on the faculty since 1971. Bowers followed Richard Cole, who was dean of the School for 26 years.

The School is home to the North Carolina Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations and Broadcasting Halls of Fame.

Graduate Program

The Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication offers two graduate degrees: a master of arts in mass communication and a doctor of philosophy in mass communication. About 25 new master’s students and 10 doctoral students are admitted each year. Total enrollment is about 50 master’s and 40 doctoral students.

The school is a national leader in teaching, research and service in journalism and mass communication. It’s recognized for its faculty’s expertise in news writing and editing, along with public relations, advertising, broadcast and visual communication. However, the face of journalism is changing and the school is integrating special programs into its already solid curriculum to keep with the times. Students take advantage of innovative programs in medical journalism, business journalism, health communication, multimedia and a joint M.A./J.D. degree.

Students work closely with faculty in a uniquely collegial environment to cultivate the next generation of academics and professionals. Students excel in research and scholarship, in the media professions and as teachers.

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications said Carolina "is recognized by academics and media professionals as perhaps the best program in the nation." The ACEJMC report described the program as having "rigorous and highly competitive admissions standards, generous funding that allows students to concentrate on their studies, a solid curriculum, strong administrative support, a faculty committed to nurturing and advising graduate students, and an emphasis on collegiality, cooperation and community."

Roy H. Park Fellowships

The Roy H. Park Fellowships attract the most talented people from a variety of fields who want to learn new skills, expand their knowledge and embark on media careers. The doctoral fellowships attract top professionals who want to make the transition to careers as university professors and communication researchers. Each year 14 master’s students and 8 doctoral students receive this fellowship.

The fellowships provide graduate students with fully paid tuition, fees, health insurance and stipends. In the 2008-2009 academic year, master’s students will receive a stipend of $14,000 and doctoral students $20,500. An additional $2,000 for research and travel is available.

The program also supports the Roy H. Park Distinguished Lecture Series and Visiting Professorship, bringing in preeminent scholars and professionals to give fellows the nation’s best professional mentors and educational experiences.

Undergraduate Program

The school's five sequences are:
* News-editorial
* Advertising
* Public relations
* Electronic communication
* Visual communication

pecial Programs

* Carolina Business News Initiative
* [ Carolina Community Media Project]
* [ Medical Journalism Program]
* Sports Communication
* [ Interdisciplinary Health Communication]
* M.A. / J.D. Dual Degree Program

Journalism Alumni and Friends Association

The School's alumni association was formed in 1980.

Notable Alumni

*Furman Bisher – sportswriter and editor
*Hayden Carruth – poet and winner of National Book Award
*Howie Carr – journalist and radio talk show host
*W. Horace Carter - Pulitzer Prize winner, publisher and editor emeritus of the Tabor Tribune
*Art Chansky – sports writer and author
*Lawrence Ferlinghetti – poet and publisher
*Gail Gregg – artist, photographer and journalist
*Walter E. Hussman, Jr. – Publisher of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
*Sallie Krawcheck – Chairman and CEO of Citigroup Global Wealth Management, former CEO of Citigroup Inc.
*Sharon Lawrence – Emmy nominated actress
*Jeff MacNelly – editorial cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize winner, creator of "Shoe" comic strip (did not graduate)
*Thad Mumau -- author
*Vermont C. Royster – former editor of the Wall Street Journal
*Melanie Sill - Pulitzer Prize winner, executive editor of the Sacramento Bee
*Pat Stith - Pulitzer Prize winner and journalist at the News & Observer
*Tom Wicker –author and New York Times Journalist
*David Zucchino – Pulitzer Prize winner

Notable Faculty

*Philip Meyer – author, journalist and professor emeritus
*Jim Shumaker - editor, teacher and inspiration for the comic strip "Shoe"
*Chuck Stone – author, journalist and professor emeritus

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