FK Inđija

FK Inđija

Zoran JankovićDragoljub Pejović one of the most successful players of the club, later in his career his he played for FK Vojvodina Novi Sad and Hajduk Kula, he now is the record holder for the Yugoslavian national team, he was also a captain for his country for a long time. Zoran Janković another player who later played for FK Vojvodina Novi Sad and the Yugoslavian national team, Bojan Banjac after FK "Inđija" played for Lille in France, Ratko Vukčević played for FK Obilic and played in the Intertoto Cup, Ljubia Kekić a member of Olympia the a champion of Cypress. All together there have been 35 players from FK "Inđije" that played in top leagues not only in Serbia but in other European leagues as well.


Stadion FK Indjija is a stadium among longest sport tradition in Srem and Vojvodina, i tis located in near center of the town, near railroad station and main railroad direction Belgrade-Subotica-Budapest. It is built on a place where locomotive depo was at. For decades it is a center of main football and other sports in town.At the time when FK " Železničar" was founded to today ,FK "Inđija", the pitch was made and with it wooden stands with a roof 600 was the capacity. Changing rooms where made in 1962.In 1970 the stands went under renovation because the wood started to fall apart. In 2006 the stadium got its today look When first built the stadium could hold up to 4,000 to 5,000 people. Over the years the capacity dropped due to safety precautions, the capacity fell to 2,000. Many famous football clubs have played in the stadium, domestic and international such teams are: Partizan, Crvena Zvezda, Vojvodina, OFK Beograd, Vasas from Hungry, Univerzidad Katolika from Chile, and U-21 Yugoslavian national team.In 2006 FK "Inđija" has revealed plans for a new stadium, the capacity is going to be 9,000. When finished it will fulfill its ambitions. The reason for this is for the club to become First league team.

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