List of Arizona railroads

List of Arizona railroads

The following railroads operate in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Common freight carriers

*Amtrak (AMTK): "Southwest Chief", "Sunset Limited", "Texas Eagle"
*Apache Railway (APA)
*Arizona and California Railroad (ARZC)
*Arizona Central Railroad (AZCR)
*Arizona Eastern Railway (AZER)
*BNSF Railway (BNSF)
*Copper Basin Railway (CBRY)
*San Pedro and Southwestern Railroad (SPSR)
*Union Pacific Railroad (UP)

Private freight carriers

*Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad (BLKM)

Passenger carriers

*Grand Canyon Railway (GCRX)
*Old Pueblo Trolley
*Paradise and Pacific Railroad
*Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
*Superstition Scenic Narrow Gauge Railroad
*Valley Metro Light Rail (under construction)
*Verde Canyon Railroad

Defunct railroads

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) "now BNSF"

* California, Arizona and Santa Fe Railway 1911-1963 non-operating subsidiary of ATSF
**Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway 1892-1911
***Arizona and California Railway 1903-1905
***Bradshaw Mountain Railroad "Non-Operating Subsidiary" 1902-1912
***Prescott and Eastern Railroad 1897-1911
*Grand Canyon Railway 1901-1942 became an operating subsidiary of ATSF in 1902 and a non-operating subsidiary in 1924.
*Phoenix and Eastern Railroad 1903-1934 (owned by ATSF from 1903-1908)
**Santa Fe and Grand Canyon Railroad 1897-1901
*New Mexico and Arizona Railroad 1882-1897 ATSF Subsidiary, 1897-1934 Non-operating SP subsidiary
*Santa Fe Pacific Railroad 1897-1902
** Atlantic and Pacific Railroad 1880-1897
*Verde Valley Railway 1913-1942 "an ATSF "paper railroad" at Clarkdale, AZ"
*Western Arizona Railway 1906-1931 ATSF subsidiary Kingman - Chloride
**Arizona and Utah Railway []

Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) "now UP"

*Arizona Eastern Railroad 1910-1955
**Arizona Eastern Railroad Company of New Mexico 1904-1910
**Arizona and Colorado Railroad 1902-1910
**Gila Valley, Globe and Northern Railway 1894-1910 later AZER
**Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad (of 1907) 1908-1910
***Maricopa and Phoenix and Salt River Valley Railroad 1895-1908
****Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad (of 1886) 1887-1895
*****Arizona Central Railroad 1881-1887
****Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa Railway 1894-1895
**Arizona and Colorado Railroad Company of New Mexico 1904-1910
*El Paso and Southwestern Railroad
**Arizona and New Mexico Railway 1883-1935
***Clifton and Southern Pacific Railway 1883 (Narrow Gauge)
***Clifton and Lordsburg Railway
**Arizona and South Eastern Rail Road 1888-1902
**Mexico and Colorado Railroad 1908-1910
**Southwestern Railroad of Arizona 1900-1901
**Southwestern Railroad of New Mexico 1901-1902
*New Mexico and Arizona Railroad 1882-1897 ATSF Subsidiary, 1897-1934 Non-operating SP subsidiary
*Phoenix and Eastern Railroad 1903-1934 (owned by ATSF from 1903-1908)
*Tucson and Nogales Railroad 1910-1934
**Twin Buttes Railroad 1906-1929; Tucson-Sahuarita line sold to above in 1910. Sahuarita-Twin Buttes line scrapped in 1934.

Other railroads

* Black Mesa and Lake Powell (BLKM) coal mine: dedicated electric line 1970(s)-present
*Magma Arizona Railroad (MAA) 1920-1997 (railroad mothballed by BHP-Billiton)
*Prescott and Arizona Central Railway 1887-1896 Seligman - Prescott
* San Manuel Arizona Railroad (SMA) since 1953 - mine permanently closed in 2003, railroad mothballed in 2006. 8-mile section of track between smelter and mine removed in December 2005.
* San Pedro and Southwestern Railroad / San Pedro Railroad Operating Company (SPSR) "2003-Present (line abandoned from Curtiss to Naco and Paul Spur in 2007, only 7-miles remain of the EP&SW 'South Line')"
** San Pedro and Southwestern Railroad (SWKR) "from SP, 1992-2003"
*Tucson, Cornelia and Gila Bend Railroad (TCG) 1916-1984 line out of service and owned by Phelps Dodge Corporation Line reactivated briefly from 1995-1997 in order to haul scrap from smelter facility.
*Yuma Valley Railway 1970s - 2005 (tourist line embargoed by owner US Bureau of Reclamation)

Private Railroads

tandard Gauge

*Arizona and Swansea Railroad (mine) 1909-1937
*Arizona Lumber and Timber (logging) 1907-1941
**Central Arizona Railway 1889-1937
***Arizona Mineral Belt Rail Road 1883-1889
*Arizona Southern Railroad (1904) (copper mine) 1904-1933 Red Rock-Silverbell Mine
*Congress Gold Company 1896-1920 Interchanged with ATSF at Congress Jct.
*Flagstaff Lumber Manufacturing 1910-1927
*Johnson, Dragoon and Northern Railway
*Kennecott Copper (KCCX)
*Mascot and Western Railroad 1915-1932 abandoned 1955 Willcox, AZ
*Saginaw and Manistee Lumber (logging/mine) 1903-1953
**Saginaw Southern Railroad 1898-1903
*Six Companies Railroad (Hoover Dam) 1931-1935
*Tombstone and Southern Railroad
*Tucson, Globe and Northern Railroad 1887-1896
**Arizona Narrow-Gauge Railroad 1882-1887
*Verde Tunnel and Smelter Railroad (copper mine) 1915-1952 Clarkdale, AZ
*White Mountain Scenic Railroad 1964-1976
**Southwest Forest Industries (lumber) 1960-1966
***Southwest Lumber Mills 1935-1960
****Cady Lumber 1924-1935
*****Apache Lumber 1917-1924
*Yuma Valley Railroad U.S. Deptartment of the Interior

Narrow Gauge

* Arizona and New Mexico Railway
*Arizona Narrow Gauge Railroad Tucson towards Oracle
*Coronado Railroad (copper mine) 1905-1923 Narrow Gauge Clifton - Morenci owned by Phelps Dodge Corporation
**Coronado Railway owned by Arizona Copper 1879-1900
*Helvetia Copper (copper mine) near Sahuarita, AZ c. 1899-1905
*Mohave and Milltown Railway (gold mine) 1903-1904 abandoned 1912 near Oatman, AZ
*Morenci Southern Railway (copper mine) 1901-1922 Narrow Gauge
*Ray and Gila Valley Railroad (mine) 1910-1943 Narrow Gauge
*Shannon-Arizona Railway (mine) 1910-1938 narrow gauge sold to Phelps Dodge Corporation in Clifton, AZ
*United Verde and Pacific Railway (copper mine) 1895-1920 Narrow Gauge Jerome Junction, AZ to Jerome, AZ

Proposed railroads

*Arizona Railway 1864: Tucson - Nogales - Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico
*Calabasas, Tucson and North Western Railroad 1885
**Arizona Southern Railroad (of 1880) 1880: Santa Cruz County with branches to Washington Camp (near Lochiel) and another to Oro Blanco - Arivaca
*Prescott & Phoenix Shortline Prescott - Cordes - Black Canyon City - Glendale - Phoenix - SPRR and ATSF subsidiary - line surveyed 1917
*San Diego Bee Line San Diego - Altar, Sonora, Mexico - Calabasas (Rio Rico) - Tombstone - Deming, New Mexico
*Salt River Project - Fence Lake Mine Extension St. Johns Power Plant, AZ - Zuni Pueblo Fence Lake mine, NM 50+ mile coal line proposed in 2001 by SRP, plans suspended in 2004 due to opposition from Zuni Tribe, a new coal contract from Powder River Basin now used in lieu of new mine.
* "ValTrans": elevated rail in Phoenix and adjacent cities, voted down in 1989 referendum
* [ "Regional Rail for Arizona"]


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