Minotauros Gordon

Minotauros Gordon

Infobox animanga character
name = Minotauros Gordon
series = Saint Seiya

caption = Minotauros Gordon, in a screenshot from the anime adaptation
first =
creator = Masami Kurumada
voiced by = H I R O
age = 20
gender = Male
born = December 18
nationality = Poland
class = Specter
paux1 = Hades
paux1 name = Loyalty
paux2 = Minotauros
paux2 name = Surplice
paux3 = Divine Prison Star
paux3 name = Star
paux4 = 1.88 m
paux4 name = Height
paux5 = 95 kg
paux5 name = Weight
aux1 = B
aux1 name = Blood type
aux2 = Grand Axe Crusher
aux2 name = Secret moves
aux4 = manga: chapter 81, vol.22
Anime: ep.140
aux4 name = First appearance

nihongo|Divine Prison Star, Minotauros Gordon|天牢星ミノタウロスのゴードン|Tenrōsei Minotaurosu no Gōdon is a fictional minor character in the famous Manga series, Saint Seiya, authored by Masami Kurumada, later adapte to anime. His power lies in the Divine Prison Star 天牢星, and he is one of the few exceptional powerful Specters among the Underworld. He is often seen with his companions Basilisk Sylphid and Alraune Queen.

The Half Bull

After a failed mission to invade Athena's Sanctuary, a command was issued for all remaining spectres on Earth to return to their homebase, the Underworld. While Judge Wyvern Rhadamanthys forwarded this command to the dark warriors of Hades, he was challenged by four Bronze Saints of Athena's -- Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, and Andromeda Shun. As Rhadamanthys contemplated the decision to destroy these Saints, four of his own subordinates appeared to defend his honor -- Harpy Valentine, Basilisk Sylphid, Minotauros Gordon, and Alraune Queen. These four were known throughout the Underworld for their extraordinary skills, and each of them were more than enough to dispose of these mere Bronze Saints. Leaving the assassination of the intruding Saints to the four Specters, Rhadamanthys descended to the Underworld.

Harpy Valentine found a foe in Pegasus Seiya, while Basilisk Sylphid and the other three spectres sought out the other Bronze Saints. The Basilisk and his companions quickly proved their superiority, and their foes were momentarily defeated. Satisfied, the Specters left the base, leaving their enemies behind while issuing a challenge for them to follow.

The Holy Sword's Crusher

After receiving news that the Underworld's infamous Wailing Wall had been pierced by Athena's Saints, Basilisk Sylphid and his companions quickly went to investigate the scene. As they approached the site, their presence alerted Bronze Saint Dragon Shiryu, who decided to stay behind and fight so that his companions had a chance to cross the cosmic river behind the Wall into Elysium.

Sylphid, Gordon, and Queen arrived to find that the reports were true. Paying Shiryu no mind, they attempted to chase the rest of the Saints, only to find that the Dragon refused to let them pass. With no other choice, Sylphid, Gordon, and Queen teamed up to ensure that the Saint was beaten quickly.

As Queen was unsuccessful in his attack, Gordon proceeded to the battle and unleashed his "Grand Ax Crusher" on Shiryu. The Bronze Saint had managed to defend himself with the Excalibur technique he had received from Gold Saint Capricorn Shura, but as he defended himself from Gordon it ended up with Shiryu's arm being broken, and the holy sword crushed. Gordon was ready to behead the Saint, but Shiryu retaliated with his "Rozan SHo Ryu Ha" and sent the Minotaur flying back. Sylphid had waited patiently and, when the right opportunity presented itself, struck down the Saint with his own attack. The move sent Shiryu slamming onto the undamaged section of the Wailing Wall. However, the Dragon survived and counterattacked, sending the damaged Basilisk crashing into the ground.

Fuming with rage, Sylphid pulled himself up and retaliated with Gordon and Queen for a triple team attack. Shiryu, rising his Cosmo to the highest limit, unleashed his sensei's signature technique -- "Rozan Hyaku Ryu Ha". Not even the might of all three Specters was enough to endure the sheer destructive power of this technique. Queen and Gordon were killed immediately, while Sylphid was completely thrashed but remained alive.

urplice, Star & Name

*"Minotauros SurpliceGordon's Surplice is based on the mythological being Minotauros, and is depicted as a one eyed Minotaur.

*Masami Kurumada designed him to resemble Taurus Aldebaran. When Gordon takes off his helmet, his facial features look very much like the Taurus Gold Saint's. As Kurumada employs the revered Osamu Tezuka's Star System manga technique (a stable cast of characters), he probably did this to create a motif connection since both characters represent a bull in Greek mythology: Aldebaran's constellation and Gold Cloth represent the mighty Cretan Bull and Gordon's Surplice represents the legendary Minotaur.

*"The Divine Prison Star The star is originally of the character Yang Xiong, from the Water margin story.


*In the anime adaptation, Gordon was introduced at a later point than he originally appears in Kurumada's manga. His intervention in the anime adaptation is identical to the events in the manga.


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*Saint Seiya Vol. 27, by Masami Kurumada.
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