Paul Horwich

Paul Horwich

Paul Horwich (born 1947) is a British analytic philosopher at New York University, whose work includes writings on causality, truth, and meaning. Horwich earned his PhD from Cornell University; his thesis advisor was Richard Boyd. He has previously taught at MIT, University College London, and CUNY Graduate Center.

His works include "Truth" (1990), which presented a detailed defense of the "minimalistic" variant of the deflationary theory of truth. He is opposed to appealing to reference and truth to explicate meaning, and so has defended a "use theory" of meaning in his book "Meaning".

In the context of philosophical speculations about time travel, Horwich coined the term autoinfanticide to describe a scenario, depicting a variant of the grandfather paradox, in which a person goes back in time and deliberately or inadvertently kills his or her infant self, although he malformed the word as "autofanticide".


*Probability and Evidence (1982)
*Asymmetries in Time (1987)
*Truth (1990; 2nd edn. 1998)
*Meaning (1998)
*From a Deflationary Point of View (2004)
*Reflections on Meaning (2005)

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