Shannon Foraker

Shannon Foraker

Commander Shannon Foraker is a fictional character in the Honorverse.

An expert tactical officer, she has served under Warner Caslet onboard the light cruiser PNS "Vaubon" during the early years of the war, gaining a reputation of a "tac witch" for her technological prowess. She also refused to regard the technological disparity between the People's Republic and Manticore with the same 'depressed' attitude that many of the People's Navy did. Foraker looked at it as more of a challenge of her and her navy's skills, and appeared to love the 'thrill' of it.

After being captured by Honor Harrington on Silesia, she was allowed to return to Haven and was assigned to serve under Admiral Lester Tourville. She saved Honor's treecat Nimitz from being killed by State Security and noticed scanner evidence of small craft leaving the vicinity of the Ransom's exploded battlecruiser. With the connivance of Tourville, the scan evidence was erased. Her actions were not noticed (save by her accomplice, Admiral Tourville); she continued to serve throughout the war with Admiral Tourville.

During Thomas Theisman's coup, she caused the destruction of two State Security naval battlegroups ordered to arrest Admirals Tourville and Giscard and their senior officers; her reaction at the time was merely "Oops". After the fall of the People's Republic, she was rapidly promoted to Vice Admiral, and was assigned to direct research and development at the 'black' development yard (codenamed Project Bolthole) of the Republic of Haven.

Despite her technical abilities and knowledge, she was during most of her career during in the Committee of Public Safety's Navy something of an abstracted and absent-minded person, and was frequently in violation of the Committee's Naval regulations with regard to elitist speech, such as Sir, or using only Naval rank instead of the approved Citizen . In recognition of her exceptional abilities, she was given what was essentially a pass by the People's Commissioners assigned to, and in effective command of, her ships.

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