A bullseye is the center of a target of concentric circles.

Bullseye may also refer to:

* ʘ, a phonetic symbol for bilabial click
* Bullseye (CNBC), U.S. TV news program
* Bullseye (Bull Terrier) the dog mascot of Target Corporation, which also uses a bullseye symbol as its logo
* Bullseye (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe (comics and film), primarily an enemy of Daredevil
* Bullseye is a weapon in the Sony Playstation 3 game
* Bullseye (Toy Story), a fictional character from the Disney/Pixar film Toy Story 2
* Bullseye (shooting competition) - also known as Conventional Pistol
* Bullseye! - a 1990 comedy motion picture starring Michael Caine and Roger Moore
* Bullseye (literature) - Bill Sikes' dog in Oliver Twist, by Charles Dickens
* Bullseye (sailboat), 15' hull, common to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
* Bullseye Records of Canada, a record label
* Bullseye cancel - a light well centered cancellation mark on a postage stamp, typically used to show proof of mailing
* Bull's Eye - the first postage stamps of Brazil issued in 1843
* Bullseye (song) - A song written by Aly & AJ on their album "Insomniatic

Computer Program:

* Bullseye (computer game), a game for Commodore 64
* Bullseye - A desktop computer program for web meta search, web page content change tracking, reporting and notification by Intelliseek.

Game shows:

* Bullseye (US game show), 1980-1982, hosted by Jim Lange (not related to the UK game show)
* Bullseye (UK game show), 1981-1995, hosted by Jim Bowen, 2006- hosted by Dave Spikey (not related to the US game show)
* Bullseye (retired pricing game), a game played during the first two weeks of "The Price Is Right" in 1972
* Double Bullseye, a game played during the third through sixth weeks of "The Price Is Right" in 1972
* Bullseye (active pricing game), a game played on "The Price Is Right" since 1976
* Bullseye/Bankroll, a short-lived (1992-1995) round from the game show "Family Feud"

See also

* Bull's Eye
* Fisheye

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