List of Tanzanians

List of Tanzanians

This is a list of notable people from the East African nation of Tanzania.


* George Lilanga (1934–2005), Makonde artist


* Cool James (1970–2002), rapper
* Dully Sykes (born 1981), rapper
* Joseph Haule (Professor Jay), rapper
* Saida Karoli (born 1976), singer
* Bi Kidude, Zanzibari Taarab singer
* George Kinyonga (died 1992), Kenyan/Tanzanian musician
* Wilson Kinyonga (died 1995), Kenyan/Tanzanian musician
* Lady Jaydee (born 1979), pop singer
* Joseph Mbilinyi (Mr. II), rapper
* Rose Mhando (born 1976), gospel singer
* Daniel Owino Misiani (1940–2006), Kenyan/Tanzanian benga musician
* Tumi Molekane (born 1981), South African/Tanzanian rapper
* Imani Sanga (born 1972), composer and ethnomusicologist
* Siti binti Saad (1880–1950), Taarab singer
* Nakaaya Sumari (born 1982), model and singer
* Hukwe Zawose (1938–2003), singer


* Anna Abdallah (born 1940), Member of Parliament
* Maida Abdallah (born 1970), Member of Parliament
* Mohamed Rished Abdallah (born 1952), Member of Parliament
* Mohammed Abdi Abdulaziz (born 1958), Member of Parliament
* Bahati Ali Abeid (born 1967), Member of Parliament
* Juma Jamaldin Akukweti (1947–2007), Member of Parliament
* Khadija Salum Ally Al-Qassmy (born 1958), Member of Parliament
* Ali Haji Ali (born 1948), Member of Parliament
* Ali Tarab Ali (born 1947), Member of Parliament
* Fatma Ali (born 1950), Member of Parliament
* Aziza Sleyum Ally, Member of Parliament
* Ame Pandu Ame, Member of Parliament
* Ameir Ali Ameir, Member of Parliament
* Paul Bomani (1925–2005), ambassador
* Jakaya Kikwete (born 1950), President of Tanzania since 2005
* Bibi Titi Mohammed (1926–1963), founding member of the Tanganyika African National Union
* Gertrude Mongella (born 1945), president of the Pan-African Parliament
* Julius Nyerere (1922–1999), first president of Tanzania
* William F. Shija (born 1947), member of the National Assembly of Tanzania from 1990 to 2005


* Abdullah bin Khalifa of Zanzibar (1910–1963), tenth Sultan of Zanzibar
* Thomas Marealle (1915–2007), Paramount Chief of the Chagga people
* Mangi Meli, Chagga chief who was hanged by German colonialists
* Chief Mkwawa (1855–1898), Hehe chief
* Rindi, Chagga chief
* Emily Ruete (Sayyida Salme) (1844–1924), Princess of Zanzibar

ports people

* Praful Mehta (born 1938), cricketer
* Shiraz Sumar (born 1950), cricketer
* Hasheem Thabeet (born 1986), basketball player


* Muhammed Said Abdulla (born 1918), journalist and novelist
* Euphrase Kezilahabi (born 1944), novelist and poet
* Justinian Rweyemamu (1942–1982), economist, mathematician and writer
* Godfrey Mwakikagile (born 1949), writer


* Jayantilal Chande (born 1928), businessman and philanthropist
* Evaristo Marcus Chengula, IMC, Bishop of Mbeya
* Mustafa Hassanali (born 1980), fashion designer
* Salma Kikwete, wife of President Jakaya Kikwete
* Anthony Mayala, Archbishop of Mwanza
* Reginald Mengi, businessman
* Mirambo, Nyamwezi warlord
* Norbert Mtega, Archbishop of Songea
* John Okello (1937–1971), revolutionary
* Polycarp Cardinal Pengo (born 1944), Archbishop of Dar es Salaam
* Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa (1912–1997), Archbishop of Dar es Salaam
* Paul Ruzoka, Archbishop of Tabora
* Nancy Sumari (born 1986), Miss Tanzania 2005
* Myles Turner (1921–1984), warden of the Serengeti National Park
* Benjamin William Mkapa, the president of Tanzania (1995-2005)

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