Branch (surname)

Branch (surname)

Branch is a surname.

People named Branch:
* Arthur Branch, a fictional character on the TV crime drama "Law & Order"
* Christopher Branch (circa 1600-1682), early American colonist
* Cliff Branch (born 1948), retired American football player
* David Branch (born 1948), Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League
* Emmett Forrest Branch (1874-1932), governor of the U.S. state of Indiana
* Frank Branch (born 1944), Canadian politician
* Graham Branch (born 1972), English professional footballer
* John Branch, Jr. (1782–1863), U.S. Senator, Secretary of the Navy, governor of North Carolina, and territorial governor of Florida
* Lawrence O'Bryan Branch (1820-1862), Confederate General and Representative from North Carolina
* Michael Branch (born 1978), English professional footballer
* Michelle Branch (born 1983), American singer, songwriter and guitarist
* Vanessa Branch (born 1973), British actress and model
* Branch McCracken (1908–1970), college men's basketball coach
* One of William the Conqueror's men was named Raoul de Braunche, his liege lord being William de Warrenne.

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