List of patent related topics

List of patent related topics

This is a list of topics related to patents. See list of patent legal concepts for a list of articles on various legal aspects of patents, including special types of patents and patent applications.

Organizations and patent offices

:"For more details on this topic, see Intellectual property organization (including international intergovernmental, non-governmental, non-profit, lobbying organizations, and think thanks, as well as professional associations).":"For a list of patent offices, see Patent office."

Treaties, conventions and other legal texts and frameworks

*Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs Agreement)
*American Inventors Protection Act (AIPA)
*Budapest Treaty
*Community patent ("proposed")
*"EU Directive on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions" ("proposed, then rejected")
*EU Directive on the Patentability of Biotechnological Inventions
*European Patent Convention (EPC)
*European patent law
*European Patent Litigation Agreement (EPLA) ("proposed")
*General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
*Japanese patent law
*London Agreement ("concluded but not in force yet")
*Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
*U.S. Patent Reform Act of 2005
*Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
*Patent Law Treaty (PLT)
*South African patent system
*Substantive Patent Law Treaty (SPLT) ("proposed")
*Statute of Monopolies 1623
*Strasbourg Convention
*United States patent law


*Copyright on the content of patents
*Criticism of patents
*Essential patent
*European Patent Office Reports (EPOR)
*Gene patent
*Industrial property
*INID codes
*Invention promotion firm
*International Patent Documentation Center (INPADOC)
*International Patent Classification (IPC)
*List of patent case law
*List of people associated with patent law
*List of top United States patent recipients
*Patent ambush
*Patent attorney
*Patent caveat
*Patent classification
*Patent examiner
*Patent family
*Patent holding company
*Patent pirate
*Patent pool
*Patent portfolio
*Patent Prosecution Highway‎ (PPH)
*Patent thicket
*Patent troll
*Public participation in patent examination
*Scams in intellectual property
*United States Patents Quarterly

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