Richards (surname)

Richards (surname)

Richards is an English surname,and was brought to England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It may refer to many people.


* Alfred Richards, one of several people including
**Alfred Richards, South African cricketer
**Alfred Bate Richards (1820–1876), journalist and author
**Alfred Joseph Richards, British soldier
**Alfred Newton Richards (1876–1966), pharmacologist
* Alma Richards, American athlete
* Alun Richards, Welsh novelist
* Angela Richards, British actress
* Ann Richards, American politician
* Ann Richards, Australian actress
* Anthony Charles Richards, British Army officer and equerry
* Ariana Richards, American actress
* J. August Richards, American actor


* Barry Richards, South African cricketer
* Beah Richards, American actress and writer
* Beresford Richards, Canadian politician
* Billie Mae Richards, Canadian voice actress
* Bob Richards, American athlete
* Brad Richards, Canadian ice hockey player
* Brittany Richards, American poet
* Brooke Richards, American model


* "Cannonball" Richards, performance artist
* Ceri Richards, Welsh artist
* Charles Dow Richards, Canadian politician
* Charles "Red" Richards - Jazz performer
* Claire Richards, British singer
* Cliff Richards, comic book artist
* Colin Kazim-Richards, English footballer
* Corey Richards, Australian cricketer
* Craig Richards, British DJ


* Davey Richards, American wrestler
* "David Richards", various figures
* David Adams Richards, Canadian writer
* Dean Richards, English rugby player
* Dean Richards, English footballer
* DeForest Richards, American banker and politician
* Deke Richards, American songwriter and music producer
* Deleon Richards, American gospel singer
* Denis Richards, British historian
* Denise Richards, American actress
* Dickinson W. Richards, American physiologist
* Donna Richards, pseudonym of American comics artist Don Rico


* Ellen Swallow Richards, American chemist
* Emil Richards, percussionist
* Emma Richards, British yachtswoman
* Eugene Richards, American photographer


* Francis Richards, British diplomat
* Frank Richards, one of several people including
**Frank "Cannonball" Richards, performance artist
**Frank Richards, pseudonym of British writer Charles Hamilton, prolific author of the "Billy Bunter" stories set in Greyfriars School
**Frank Richards, pseudonym of Francis Philip Woodruff (1883-1961), who wrote "Old Soldiers Never Die", service memoirs
**Frank Richards, political "nom de guerre" of sociologist Frank Furedi
* Franklin Richards, fictional character from the "Fantastic Four"
* Franklin Dewey Richards, American member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Frederick Richards, film editor


* Gavin Richards, British actor
* George Richards, one of several people including
** George Franklin Richards (1861–1950), American religious leader
** George Henry Richards, (1819–1896) Hydrographer to the British Admiralty
** George Maxwell Richards (born 1931), President of Trinidad and Tobago
** George Richards (Australian politician)
* Gordon Richards, British jockey
* Guy Richards, Australian rules footballer


* Henry Brinley Richards, Welsh composer


* I. A. Richards, British literary critic


* J. R. Richards, American singer
* Jack Richards, English cricketer
* Janet Radcliffe Richards, British feminist philosopher
* Jann Richards, Canadian singer Jann Arden
* Jason Richards, New Zealand racing driver
* Jean Ramjohn-Richards, physician and First Lady of Trinidad and Tobago
* Jeff Richards, one of several people including
**Jeff Richards, American baseball player and actor
* Jeff Richards, former "MadTV" and "Saturday Night Live" performer
* Jesse Richards, American artist
* Jim Richards, one of several people including
**Jim Richards, Canadian radio broadcaster
**Jim Richards, New Zealand and Australian race driver
*Jo-Anne Richards South African author and journalist
* John Richards, one of several people including
**John Richards (marshal), Lieutenant-General of the Queen's household in the United Kingdom
**John Richards (Pennsylvania), United States congressman from Pennsylvania
**John Richards (scholar), Canadian scholar
**John Richards (disc jockey), radio disc jockey at KEXP in Seattle
**John K. Richards, American lawyer and politician
**John Inigo Richards, British painter
* Joseph Richards, Australian cricket umpire
* Julian Richards, British archaeologist and broadcaster
* Justin Richards, British writer


* Kathleen Elizabeth Richards, American actress Kathy Hilton
* Keith Richards, British guitarist for The Rolling Stones
* Kim Richards, American actress
* Kristi Richards, Canadian skier
* Kyle Richards, American actress


* Laura E. Richards, American writer
* LeGrand Richards, American religious leader
* Lorenzo A. Richards, American soil physicist
* Lou Richards, Australian rules footballer


* Marc Richards, English footballer
* Mark Richards, Australian surfer
* Martin Richards, British computer scientist
* Matthew Richards, English footballer
* Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards, Canadian athlete
* Micah Richards, English football player
* Michael Richards, American actor
* Mike Richards, Canadian ice hockey player


* Nansi Richards, Welsh harpist
* Nathaniel Richards, fictional character from the "Fantastic Four"
* Nicholas Richards, Serial entrepreneur with focus on Charity work, living in Zurich Switzerland founder and publisher of the Magazine "Charity World"


* Pat Richards, Australian rugby league player
* Paul Richards, one of several people including
**Paul W. Richards, astronaut
**Paul Richards, American baseball player, manager, scout and executive
* Pearl Richards, American-British novelist writing as John Oliver Hobbes, married name Pearl Richards Craigie
* Peter Richards, English rugby union player


* Ray Richards, American football player
* Raymond Richards (born 1987), Japanese American wakeboarder
* Reed Richards, fictional character from the "Fantastic Four"
* Regina Richards, American singer
* Renée Richards, American tennis player
* Richard N. Richards, American astronaut
* Robert Richards, Australian politician
* Robert L. Richards, screenwriter
* Rosalind Richards, Welsh television soap actress

* Sandie Richards, Jamaican athlete
* Sanya Richards, American athlete
* Stan Richards, British actor
*Stephen Richards one of several people including
** Stephen Richards (politician), (1820 – 1894) was an Ontario, USA lawyer and politician
** Stephen L. Richards, (1879–1959) American religious leader
** Stephen Richards (author), British investigative journalist & author
** Stephen Richards (musician), (1977) vocalist and guitarist in the rock music group
* Steve Richards, (1960) British TV and radio political journalist and newspaper columnist
* Steven Richards, (1972) is an Australian racing driver
* Stevie Richards, (1971) ring name of the American wrestler Michael Manna
*Sue Richards one of several people including
** Sue Richards, fictional character from the "Fantastic Four"
** Sue Richards, artist


* Theodore Richards, one of several people including
**Theodore William Richards, American chemist;
**Theodore Richards, convict transported to Western Australia
* Todd Richards, American snowboarder
* Tony Richards, American drummer
* Travis Richards, American ice hockey player


* Valeria Richards, fictional character from the "Fantastic Four"
* Vernon Richards (1915-2001), Italian-British anarchist
* Vincent Richards, American tennis player
* Viv Richards, Antiguan Cricketer


* Willard Richards, American leader in the Latter Day Saint movement
* William Richards, South African cricketer
* William A. Richards, American politician
* William Buell Richards, Canadian judge
* William Trost Richards, American painter

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