Ringo (album)

Ringo (album)
Studio album by Ringo Starr
Released 2 November 1973 (US)
23 November 1973 (UK)
Recorded 5 March - 26 July 1973
Genre Rock
Length 37:07
Label Apple SWAL-3413
Producer Richard Perry
Ringo Starr chronology
Beaucoups of Blues
Goodnight Vienna

Ringo is the third album by Ringo Starr, released in 1973 on Apple Records. It peaked at #7 on the UK Albums Chart and #2 on the Billboard 200, and has been certified platinum by the RIAA. In Canada, it reached #1 on the RPM national albums chart. The album is noted for the appearance of all four Beatles, and for its numerous guest stars, something which would become a signature for Starr on many of his future albums and tours.



After releasing the standards tribute Sentimental Journey and the country and western Beaucoups of Blues, both in 1970, Starr would only record and release a couple of singles in the interim, namely "It Don't Come Easy" in 1971 and "Back Off Boogaloo" in 1972. While both were big successes and would have ordinarily inspired albums to support them, Starr declined to follow through, preferring to concentrate on acting during this period.

In early 1973, Starr decided the time was right to begin—in his mind—his first proper solo album, despite its two predecessors. Having already used Richard Perry to arrange one of the tracks on Sentimental Journey, Starr asked Perry to produce the sessions, which began that March.

As soon as Starr sent word to all his musician friends to help him in his new venture, they all responded positively. Taking part in the sessions were Marc Bolan, members of The Band, Billy Preston, Klaus Voormann, Nicky Hopkins, Harry Nilsson and Jim Keltner. Additionally, all three of his former bandmates appeared on and composed material for Ringo, and Starr, Lennon and Harrison appear together on the Lennon-penned song "I'm The Greatest". Not surprisingly, when word of the session hit the media, furious Beatles reunion rumours (the first of several) began spreading. It would be the closest to a Beatles reunion until Eric Clapton's wedding party on 19 May 1979[1], followed by the recording of Harrison's All Those Years Ago in 1981 and the The Beatles Anthology project in 1995.

The experience of making Ringo was an enjoyable one for Starr and all involved, with its wide acceptance only furthering his personal feeling of success. Upon its November release, the critics were very warm in their appraisal, with Ringo hitting #1 for three weeks in Canada, reaching #7 in the United Kingdom, and denied the top spot in the United States by Elton John's blockbuster Goodbye Yellow Brick Road[2] (it still managed to peak at #1 in Cashbox and Record World [3]). In the US, the singles from Ringo "Photograph" and Starr's cover of "You're Sixteen" both went to #1, while becoming Top 10 UK hits.

In an interesting note, the original cassette tape and 8-track versions of the album, as well as a small number of early promotional copies of the vinyl album, contained a longer version of "Six O'Clock". All of the stock copies of vinyl version of the LP, including both the original pressing and the 1981 LP re-release of the album, as well as the CD (and the album's 1981 re-release on cassette tape), contained a shorter version of the song.[4] The record label on the original stock pressing of the vinyl album incorrectly lists the running time of "Six O'Clock" as 5:26, which may have led some to mistakenly assume that the original pressing contained the long version of the song. The label on the reissued vinyl album correctly lists the running time as 4:06.[5] At the time of release, various reviews and press articles of the day stated that the longer version was "snuck" onto the tape duplicating masters at the last moment. The longer version of "Six O'Clock" was oddly not added as a bonus track to the re-issue of the CD, but rather to the re-issue of the "Goodnight Vienna" CD.

Artwork for a quadrophonic version was produced, but was never released.

When the Ringo album was remastered and reissued on CD in 1991, the three bonus tracks included on it were all from singles: Starr's 1971 hit single "It Don't Come Easy" and its b-side "Early 1970", as well as "Photograph"'s flip side "Down And Out".

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Rolling Stone (not rated) link

Track listing

Side one

  1. "I'm the Greatest" (John Lennon) – 3:21
  2. "Have You Seen My Baby" (Randy Newman) – 3:44
  3. "Photograph" (George Harrison, Starkey) – 3:56
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Harrison - harmony vocal, electric guitars; Bobby Keyes - tenor sax; Vini Poncia, Jimmy Calvert - acoustic guitars; Nicky Hopkins - piano; Voormann - bass; Keltner - drums; Lon and Derrek Van Eaton - percussion; Jack Nitzsche - orchestral and choral arrangements
  4. "Sunshine Life for Me (Sail Away Raymond)" (Harrison) – 2:45
  5. "You're Sixteen" (Bob Sherman/Dick Sherman) – 2:48

Side two

  1. "Oh My My" (Poncia/Starkey) – 4:16
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Poncia - harmony vocal; Calvert - guitar; Preston - piano, organ; Voormann - bass; Keltner - drums; Scott - saxophone solo, arrangements; Jim Horn - arrangements; Martha Reeves, Merry Clayton - backing vocals
  2. "Step Lightly" (Starkey) – 3:15
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Steve Cropper - electric guitar; Calvert - acoustic guitar; Hopkins - electric piano; Voormann - bass; Scott - clarinet arrangement
    • Features the tapdancing of 'Richard Starkey, M.B.E.
  3. "Six O'Clock" (P. McCartney) – 4:06
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; P. McCartney - piano, synthesizer, string and flute arrangements, backing vocal; Poncia - guitar, percussion; Voormann - bass; L. McCartney - backing vocal
  4. "Devil Woman" (Poncia/Starkey) – 3:50
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Calvert - guitar; Tom Hensley - piano; Voormann - bass, backing vocal; Keltner - drums; Chuck Finley, Scott - horns; Richard Perry - backing vocal
  5. "You and Me (Babe)" (Harrison/Mal Evans) – 4:59
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Harrison - electric guitar; Poncia - acoustic guitar; Hopkins - electric piano; Holland - marimba; Scott - horn arrangements; Nitzsche - string arrangements

1991 Reissue bonus tracks

  1. "It Don't Come Easy" (Harrison/Starkey) - 3:02
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums; Harrison - electric guitars; Stephen Stills - piano; Voormann - bass; Pete Ham, Tom Evans - backing vocals; Ron Cattermole - horns
    • Originally released as a single in 1971
  2. "Early 1970" (Starkey) - 2:20
    • Starr - lead vocal, drums, acoustic guitar, piano; Harrison - electric guitars, bass, backing vocal
    • Originally released as the b-side to "It Don't Come Easy" in 1971
  3. "Down and Out" (Starkey) - 3:04
    • Probable line-up: Starr - lead vocal, drums; Harrison - electric guitar; Gary Wright - piano; Voormann - bass; unknown horns
    • Originally released as the b-side to "Photograph" in 1973


Single Date UK Rank U.S. Rank
"Photograph" 5 October 1973 #8 #1
"You're Sixteen" 8 February 1974 #4 #1
"Oh My My" 8 February 1974 (U.S. only) #5


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