Scandinavian Raceway

Scandinavian Raceway

Motorsport venue
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Location = Anderstorp, Sweden
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The Scandinavian Raceway is a convert|2.505|mi|km|2 race circuit in Anderstorp (Gislaved Municipality), Sweden.

The track was built on marshlands in 1968 and became an extremely popular venue in the 1970s, just as Swede Ronnie Peterson was at the height of his career. It had a long straight (called "Flight Straight", which was also used as an aircraft runway), as well as several banked corners, making car setup an engineering compromise. Unusually, the pit lane was located halfway round the lap.

The raceway hosted six Formula One Swedish Grand Prix events in the '70s. When Peterson and Gunnar Nilsson died during the 1978 Formula One season, public support for the event dried up and the Swedish Grand Prix came to an end. The circuit hosted Touring Car races in the 1980s, and has been a popular car club venue since the 1990s. The circuit is also noteworthy because it was the site of the first and only win (as well as the first and only race) of the infamous Brabham 'fan car' in 1978.

The FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) returned to Anderstorp in 2007, replacing the Istanbul Park in Turkey on the WTCC calendar, however, for the 2008 season, it has been replaced by the Imola circuit.

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* [ Scandinavian Raceway Official website]
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