Control Engineering (magazine)

Control Engineering (magazine)
Control Engineering
Type business magazine
Owner CFE Media
Founded 1954
Language English
Headquarters Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
ISSN 0010-8049
Official website Control Engineering

Control Engineering (ISSN-0010-8049) is a trade publication and web site owned by CFE Media serving the information needs of engineering decision-makers in the global control, instrumentation, and automation marketplace.

Established in 1954, Control Engineering is published monthly. Common topics presented through news, product listings, feature articles, case studies and opinion, included controllers (PLCS & PACs), motors and drives, safety (machine and process), system integration (software, hardware, power supplies, components), control software (including HMI, SCADA and MES), process control, discrete control, industrial networks (fieldbus, Ethernet and wireless), sensors, robotics, I/O, and sustainable/green engineering.

Control Engineering published six other editions for Europe [1], Asia [2], China [3], Poland [4], Russia [5], and the Czech Republic [6], as well as an online edition for the Middle East [7].

As of June 2008, total BPA audited circulation was 87,000 subscribers.

In April 2010, former owner Reed Business Information announced the magazine's closure; later that month, Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer and Plant Engineering were acquired by a new company, CFE Media.

Control Engineering Magazine is available in paper, digital, and online versions. The monthly online version contains several blogs that focus on a varitey of hot topics in the world of automation and control.

One of the blogs is called AIMing for Automated Vehicles and is written by former DARPA Grand Challenge team leader Paul Grayson. He writes about an eclectic assortment of people, parts, and products that people interested in the progress of autonomous vehicles might find interesting. He is also a strong supporter of efforts to improve Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education in the USA and has started a 4-H technology club in his neighborhood. His adventures working with the next generation of engineers and scientists provide and interesting perspective and sometimes surprises which he reports in the blog.


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