Norwegian raspeball
a Swedish variant, kroppkaka
Lithuanian cepelinai

Raspeball, also known in some areas as klubb, kumle or kumpe, is a potato dumpling, a traditional Norwegian dish. It consists of grated potatoes, where typically half is pre-cooked and half is raw, salt and various kinds of flour, and is in many recipes also filled with bits of salted lamb or pork. They are often served with bacon, sausages, melted butter and/or mashed or cooked rutabaga, and, in some parts of the country, with sour cream, sugar or syrup.

This traditional dish has many different names and slight variations (such as kumle, klubb and kumpe) depending on where in Norway the recipe is from. They are quite closely related to the Lithuanian cepelinai, the Acadian poutine râpée and the potato dumplings known as Klöße in Austria and Germany.

See also

  • Kroppkakor, the Swedish name of the dumplings of this dish
  • Palt, similar dish from Sweden
  • Pork bun, bun-like recipe from China which has some resemblance to this dish


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