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Larrikinism is the name given to the Australian folk tradition of irreverence, mockery of authority and disregard for rigid norms of propriety [ [ entry] ] . Larrikinism can also be associated with self-deprecating humour [ [ entry] ] .


The term larrikin originated in the "Black Country" dialect found in the area near Birmingham, the English West Midland councils of Sandwell, Dudley and Walsall. The term larrikin originally meant the tongue; calling someone a larrikin implied they were using their tongue, or were "gobby"- mouthy. The term is no longer in common use but was used in previous centuries.

Other sources say it was used to refer to "a mischievous or frolicsome youth", as reported in the Supplement, English Dialect Dictionary, editor J. Wright, 1898 - 1905. [ See p. 667 Volume VIII The Oxford English Dictionary. Claredon Press, Oxford, England. 2000. ]

The term was used to describe members of the Rocks Push - a criminal gang in The Rocks in Sydney during the late 19th and early 20th centuries - who were noted for their antisocial behaviour and gang-specific dress codes. [ [ "Celebrating the original larrikin"] ] [ [ Larrikin Convicts ] ] While the origins of the Australian word 'larrikin' are not known for sure, it has been suggested that it may have arisen from the Irish pronunciation of the word 'larking', Fact|date=February 2007 which is now taken as the verb form of 'Larrikin'. Fact|date=February 2007

Evolution of Larrikin culture

Many commentators have noted the larrikin streak in Australian culture, and have theorised about its origins. Some say that larrikinism arose as a reaction to corrupt, arbitrary authority during Australia's days as a penal colony, or as a reaction to norms of propriety imposed by officials from Britain on the young country.

Larrikinism is a significant element in Australian culture, and has emerged repeatedly, informing Australian contemporary art, popular and youth culture and political debate [ [ Larrikin's Hop & blackface minstrelsy] ] . Evidence of the larrikin influence includes traditions of free, rule-defying experimentalism in Australian art and underground music (various renowned experimental ensembles that emerged from the post punk movement are examples).

It can be argued that the larrikin tradition of disdain for authority, propriety and the often conservative norms of bourgeois Australia (as evident, for example, in the country's history of censorship and the nation's receptiveness to paternalistic leaders) are two sides of a self-reinforcing dynamic; the social conservatism of the mainstream fuels the undercurrent of larrikinism and rebellion, which, in turn, is seen as demonstrating that a firm hand is needed. This is sometimes referred to as the "larrikin-wowser nexus", "wowser" being an Australian colloquial term for a person of puritanical mores.


A person may be classified as a larrikin if he or she meets some of these criteria. A larrikin is not concerned with the opinion of other people and so is not socially intimidated into modifying behaviour and structuring it around social norms. Larrikins are also not at all fazed by authorities of all kinds, including whatever power or authority they may possess themselves, and must not take themselves too seriously. Australia's "Pace e Bene" blog has suggested that Jesus be considered a larrikin, for his non-conformity [ [ pace e bene blog] ] For the preceding two reasons, someone like the deceased Australian media magnate Kerry Packer may not have been a larrikin as he took his own power and authority, as well as that of other media companies and the government, seriously. But his personality might have seen him classified as a larrikin were he not wealthy and influential. Below is a list of famous larrikins, not all of whom satisfy every criterion.

18th and 19th century larrikins

* Ned Kelly
* Captain Thunderbolt

20th century larrikins

* Dawn Fraser
* Paul Hogan
* Barry Humphries.aka.Dame Edna Everage
* Fred Negro
* Kerry Packer
* Bon Scott
* Austen Tayshus
* Graham Kennedy
* Yahoo Serious

21st century larrikins

* The Chaser, a comedy troupe
* Jihad Against America, a punk rock band
* TISM, another Australian band
* Brendan Fevola
* Shane Crawford

Larrikins in literature

* "Jonah" by Louis Stone (1911)
* "The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke" by C.J. Dennis (1915)
* "The Moods of Ginger Mick" by C.J. Dennis (1916)

ee also

* Australian English
* ocker


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