Board of Inspection and Survey

Board of Inspection and Survey

The Board of Inspection and Survey is a U.S. Navy organization whose purpose is to inspect and disposition Navy material.

It had an especially important function at the end of World War II when the United States Navy found that it had an excess of material because of its new peacetime role.

InSurv teams

The Board performs its tasks by sending out teams, on request, to Navy facilities and ships to evaluate excess-to-needs material. These teams are known as InSurv teams.

New construction

When a ship has been constructed by a shipyard and turned over to the U.S. Navy, an INSURV team must certify the vessel prior to declaring it operational.


The "Board of Inspection and Survey" was established by CONGRESS to ensure that the ships of the United States Navy are properly equipped for prompt, reliable, sustained mission readiness at sea. Originally established in 1868 under Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, the board was reconstituted in 1877 with Admiral David Porter as head of the board, expanding on the tasks he had assumed as duties under an instruction of November 16, 1870.

On August 5, 1882, CONGRESS enacted legislation which established the "Board of Inspection and Survey" under statutory authority. Commodore A.A. Semmes was the first officer to assume the title as President, "Board of Inspection and Survey". INSURV has been operating continuously under this authority since that date.


The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) have designated the President, "Board of Inspection and Survey" (PRESINSURV) as their agent to perform the following statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements:

* Develop and establish CNO policy and procedures for trials, material inspections, and surveys of ships and service craft consistent with law, regulations, and the terms of contract.

* Examine Naval vessels periodically by a board of Naval officers to determine fitness for further service.

* Conduct material inspections and surveys of ships and service craft and provide assessment of the material readiness of these vessels.

* Provide independent verification of a newly constructed ship’s readiness for acceptance/delivery; and to determine if builder responsible equipment is operating satisfactorily during the guarantee period following acceptance.

* Based on observations during Board of Inspection and Survey assessments, provide timely, candid, and accurate findings to Fleet Commanders, Type Commanders, NAVSEA, and appropriate OPNAV offices together with recommended actions where appropriate.

* Conduct environmental protection and NAVOSH oversight inspection of Naval ships to include equipment, program compliance, and training. A combined NAVOSH/EP assessment will be conducted during non-MI Fleet Readiness Periods (FRPs), not to exceed 36 months.

* Compile statistical information and analysis on material deficiencies, providing the CNO, FLEETs, NAVSEA, and other higher authorities such information as they may require.


Former Presidents of the Board of Inspection and Survey

*ADMIRAL David G. Farragut - 1868
*ADMIRAL David D. Porter - 1877
*COMMODORE Alexander Alderman Semmes - (unknown date) - June 1883
*COMMODORE J.C. DeKrafft - Aug 1883 - Oct 1885
*REAR ADMIRAL Edward Simpson - Oct 1885 - Mar 1886
*REAR ADMIRAL James Edward Jouett - Jun 1886 - Feb 1890
*REAR ADMIRAL Louis A. Kimberly - Mar 1890 - Apr 1892
*REAR ADMIRAL George Belknap - Apr 1892 - Jan 1894
*COMMODORE Thomas O. Selfridge - Mar 1894 - Oct 1895
*COMMODORE George Dewey - Nov 1895 - Nov 1897
*REAR ADMIRAL Frederick Rodgers - Oct 1898 - Feb 1901
*REAR ADMIRAL Robley D. Evans - Feb 1901 - Apr 1902
*CAPTAIN Charles J. Train - Jan 1903 - Feb 1904
*CAPTAIN James H. Dayton - Feb 1904 - Feb 1906
*REAR ADMIRAL Charles H. Stockton - Feb 1906 - May 1906
*CAPTAIN Hugo Osterhaus - May 1906 - September 1906
*REAR ADMIRAL Joseph N. Hemphill - Sep 1906 - May 1907
*CAPTAIN Richardson Clover - May 1907 - Jun 1908
*REAR ADMIRAL Thomas C. McLean - Jun 1908 - Dec 1909
*CAPTAIN Chauncey Thomas - Jan 1910 - Oct 1910
*REAR ADMIRAL Thomas Snowden - Oct 1910 - Nov 1911
*CAPTAIN Augustus Fechteler - Nov 1911 - Nov 1913
*CAPTAIN Henry Braid Wilson - Nov 1913 - May 1916
*CAPTAIN William A. Gill - May 1916 - Oct 1918
*CAPTAIN George A. Kline - Oct 1918 - Jul 1921
*REAR ADMIRAL Charles P. Plunkett - Aug 1921 - Nov 1922
*REAR ADMIRAL N. A. McCulley - Dec 1922 - Jun 1923
*REAR ADMIRAL Alexander S. Halstead - Jun 1923 - Aug 1923
*REAR ADMIRAL G. H. Burrage - Aug 1923 - Oct 1926
*REAR ADMIRAL Lucius A. Bostwick - Oct 1926 - Oct 1928
*REAR ADMIRAL Frank H. Brumby - Nov 1928 - Jun 1929
*REAR ADMIRAL Sumner E.W. Kittelle - Sep 1929 - Jun 1931
*REAR ADMIRAL George C. Day - Jul 1929 - Sep 1929; Jun 1931 - Oct 1935
*REAR ADMIRAL J. D. Wainwright - Oct 1935 - May 1937
*REAR ADMIRAL H. L. Brinser - Jul 1937 - Sep 1940
*REAR ADMIRAL John W. Wilcox, Jr. - Sep 1940 - Dec 1941
*REAR ADMIRAL David McD. Lebreton - Dec 1941 - Nov 1942
*REAR ADMIRAL Walter S. Anderson - Nov 1942 - Jun 1944
*REAR ADMIRAL Arthur G. Robinson - Jun 1944 - Mar 1945
*REAR ADMIRAL Leigh Noyes - Mar 1945 - Jun 1946
*REAR ADMIRAL Frank A. Braisted - Jul 1946 - Mar 1951
*REAR ADMIRAL Calvin T. Durgin - Mar 1951 - Sep 1951
*REAR ADMIRAL James H. Doyle - Sep 1951 - May 1952
*REAR ADMIRAL John M. Higgins - May 1952 - May 1954
*REAR ADMIRAL Richard F. Stout - May 1954 - Jun 1959
*REAR ADMIRAL F. D. McCorkle - Jun 1959 - Nov 1960
*REAR ADMIRAL Donald C. Varian - Dec 1960 - Jul 1961
*CAPTAIN W.M. Ryon - Aug 1961 - Nov 1961
*REAR ADMIRAL Eugene Fluckey - Nov 1961 - Mar 1964
*REAR ADMIRAL Harry L. Reiter - Mar 1964 - Jun 1967
*REAR ADMIRAL John D. Bulkeley - Jun 1967 - Aug 1988
*CAPTAIN David J. Klinkhamer - Aug 1988 - Sep 1988
*REAR ADMIRAL Theodore E. Lewin - Sep 1988 - Jul 1992
*REAR ADMIRAL Phillip R. Olson - Jul 1992 - Jul 1996
*REAR ADMIRAL Henry F. Herrera - Jul 1996 - Dec 1997
*REAR ADMIRAL John T. Lyons III - Dec 1997 - May 1999
*REAR ADMIRAL William R. Schmidt - May 1999 - August 2002
*REAR ADMIRAL Curtis A. Kemp - August 2002 - July 2006
*REAR ADMIRAL Michael P. Nowakowski - July 2006 - August 2007


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