Power of Love (Harry and the Potters album)

Power of Love (Harry and the Potters album)

Infobox Album
Name = Power of Love
Type = Album
Artist = Harry and the Potters

Released = July 4, 2006
Recorded = Norwood High School February — June 2006
Genre = Wizard Rock Indie rock
Label = Eskimo Laboratories
Producer = Harry and the Potters
Length = 42:51
Chronology = Harry and the Potters
Last album = "Scarred For Life" (2006)
This album = Power of Love (2006)
Next album = "The Enchanted Ceiling" (2007)

"Power of Love" (or "Harry and the Potters and the Power of Love") is the third album from wizard rock and indie rock band, Harry and the Potters. It was released in July 4, 2006 by independent record label, Eskimo Laboratories. The album was inspired by the sixth novel in the "Harry Potter" book series.

The band, along with the help of other musicians (including their sister, Cathy) recorded the album in the basement of Norwood High School in Massachusetts.

Track listing

#"New Wizard Anthem" – 1:50
#"Song for the Death Eaters" – 4:32
#"Flesh, Blood, and Bone" – 2:58
#"Save Ginny Weasley from Dean Thomas" – 2:44
#"Felix Felicis" – 1:39
#"Slug Club" – 1:30
#"Smoochy Smoochy Pukey Pukey" – 1:33
#"This Book Is So Awesome" – 0:30
#"(Not Gonna Put On) The Monkey Suit" – 2:37
#"We Save Ron's Life, Part 8" – 2:24
#"Hermione's Birds and Boys" – 1:09
#"In Which Draco Malfoy Cries Like a Baby" – 2:19
#"Dumbledore" – 6:14
#"Phoenix Song" – 6:24


Harry and the Potters

*Joe DeGeorge - Vocals, guitar, baritone saxophone and melodica
*Paul DeGeorge - Vocals, keyboard, tenor saxophone, glockenspiel and theremin
*Ernie Kim - Drums


;Recorded at DeGeorge Family Living Room, Norwood
*Produced by Harry and the Potters


*Design by Georg Pedersen


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