Randall (surname)

Randall (surname)

Randall is a surname.


*"Randall"' or '"Randolph"' are both derived from the Germanic name, Randwulf, meaning alternately "Shield and Wolf", "Shield with a Wolf" (as in a totemic symbol painted on a shield), "Shielded by the Wolf" or simply "Wolf Shield".


* Adam Randall, Actor from the Rhondda Valley, South Wales
* Addison Randall, American film actor
* Alexander Randall, American (Wisconsin) politician
* Alexander Randall (Maryland) Congressman, Attorney General of Maryland
* Alice Randall, African American author and songwriter
* Anne Randall, American model
* Benjamin Randall, Baptist preacher
* Chad Randall, Australian Rugby League player and model
* Charles Hiram Randall, American (California) politician
* Charles S. Randall, former US Representative from Massachusetts
* Dana Randall, Professor of theoretical computer science
* David Randall, English journalist, author, and comic.
* Derek Randall, England Cricketer
* Don Randall, Australian politician
* Dudley Randall, African-American poet and publisher
* Elizabeth Randall, American (New Jersey) politician
* Elliott Randall, American guitarist
* Frankie Randall, boxer
* George Morton Randall, American general
* Herbert Randall, American photographer
* Holly Randall, American erotic photographer
* Homer Randall, author
* Jack Randall (boxer)
* James Ryder Randall, American journalist and poet
* Jeff Randall (journalist)
* John Randall:
**Sir John Randall (physicist) (1905–1984), British physicist, developer of the cavity magnetron
**John Randall (UK politician) (born 1955), British Conservative Party politician, MP for Uxbridge
**John Randall (nanotechnologist) of Zyvex
**John A. Randall, former President of the Rochester Institute of Technology
**John W. Randall, American doctor and carcinologist
* Josh Randall, American television actor
* John Turton Randall, British physicist
* Julia Randall, American poet
* Keith Randall, American Musician
* Ken Randall, Canadian Ice Hockey player
* Kikkan Randall, American cross-country skier
* Lisa Randall (1962 - ), American particle physicist
* Marcus Randall, American football player
* Matt F Randall, English musician / Entertainer
* Mark Randall (links to further disambiguation page)
* Marta Randall, Science Fiction writer
* Meg Randall, American film actress
* Merle Randall, American physical chemist
* Mike Randall, American actor / Mark Twain impersonator
* Nancy Randall, Brazilian-American model
* Paulette Randall, British theatre director
* Robert Randall, Author and "Father of the Modern Medical Marijuana Movement"
* Samuel J. Randall, US Congressman from Pennsylvania and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 1876 to 1881
* Semeka Randall, American basketball player
* Stauder Randall, American soccer player
* Stuart Randall, Baron Randall of St Budeaux
* Suze Randall, American model, photographer, and pornographer originally from England
* Tony Randall, American comic actor
* Walter Randall, British television actor
* William Peter Randall, Canadian musician/politician

Fictional Characters

*Felix Randal, was the subject of a well-known poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins
*Hester Randall, fictional character from the Channel 5 soap opera "Family Affairs"
*Jeff Randall is the fictional detective played by Mike Pratt in the original private detective series, Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
*Lucas Randall, fictional character from "Strange Days at Blake Holsey High"
*Rex Randall, fictional character from the Channel 5 soap opera "Family Affairs"


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