Grob G 115

Grob G 115

infobox Aircraft
name = G 115 (Tutor)
type = Basic Trainer
manufacturer = Grob

caption =Grob G 115E Tutor
designer =
first flight = November 1985
introduction = 1999
retired =
status = Active
primary user = RAF
more users =
produced =
number built =
unit cost = £250,000 Fact|date=February 2008
developed from =
variants with their own articles =

The Grob G 115 is an advanced general aviation fixed-wing aircraft, primarily used for flight training. It is built in Germany by Grob Aerospace GmbH. The E variant is in Royal Air Force service as an elementary flying trainer where it is known as the Grob Tutor T.1 (Trainer Mark 1).


The aircraft is constructed of advanced composite materials the main fuselage and each wing is a single piece. It has a fixed Tricycle undercarriage with spatted wheels, a short nose bearing the 180 hp engine and a 3-bladed variable-pitch propeller. The cockpit features a broad canopy and all round vision, with side-by-side seating for pilot and student. The wings are tapered with square tips and the empennage consists of a large fin and rudder with an oblong tailplane with square tips mid-set to the fuselage.

The aircraft is fully aerobatic (to +6G and -3G)

Grob Tutor

The Tutor, until 2005 was used by RAF University Air Squadrons to provide Elementary Flying Training (EFT) to university students mainly sponsored by the RAF, however,from 2006 UAS students are no longer taught EFT. UAS students now follow a unassessed flying syllabus, very much similar to that of EFT, which was recently added to following calls for more advanced modules. UAS students now follow a 36 hour basic course, with the possibility of completing the new, as of 2007 advanced course, which aims to teach low level navigation, formation and aerobatics, to solo standard level. The only units to now teach EFT on the Grob Tutor, are the three separate squadrons of No.1 EFTS, based at RAF Cranwell, Wyton and Church Fenton. The Tutor is also used by Air Experience Flights to provide flying experience to cadets of the Air Training Corps and Combined Cadet Force. The Tutor replaced the Scottish Aviation Bulldog in these roles in the late 1990s. Unusually, the Tutor fleet is owned and maintained by a civilian company, VT Aerospace, and carries British civilian G-BY** registrations under a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) scheme. The aircraft are painted overall white with blue flashes and RAF roundels. The G115 costs around £150,000 Fact|date=February 2008


* Royal Air Force
** University of Birmingham UAS - RAF Cosford
** Bristol UAS - Colerne Airfield
** Cambridge UAS - RAF Wyton
** East of Scotland UAS - RAF Leuchars
** East Midlands UAS - RAF Cranwell
** Glasgow UAS - Glasgow International Airport
** Liverpool UAS - RAF Woodvale
** Manchester & Salford UAS - RAF Woodvale
** Northumbrian Universities UAS - RAF Leeming
** Oxford University UAS - RAF Benson
** Southampton University Air Squadron - Boscombe Down
** University of Wales UAS - St Athan
** University of London UAS - RAF Wyton
** Yorkshire Universities UAS - RAF Church Fenton
** 1 AEF - St Athan
** 2 AEF - Boscombe Down
** 3 AEF - RAF Colerne
** 4 AEF - Glasgow International Airport
** 5 AEF - RAF Wyton
** 6 AEF - RAF Benson
** 7 AEF - RAF Cranwell
** 8 AEF - DCAE Cosford
** 9 AEF - RAF Church Fenton
** 10 AEF - RAF Woodvale
** 11 AEF - RAF Leeming
** 12 AEF - RAF Leuchars
** 1 Sqn, 1 EFTS - RAF Cranwell
** 2 Sqn, 1 EFTS - RAF Wyton
** 3 Sqn, 1 EFTS - RAF Church Fenton

pecifications (G 115)

aircraft specifications
plane or copter?= plane
jet or prop?= prop
crew= Two (1 student & 1 instructor)
length main= 7.59 m
length alt= 24 ft 9 in
span main= 10.0 m
span alt= 32 ft 8 in
height main= 2.8 m
height alt= 9 ft 2 in
area main= 12.2 m²
area alt= 131.3 ft²
empty weight main= 690 kg
empty weight alt= 1,518 lb
loaded weight main=
loaded weight alt=
useful load main=
useful load alt=
max takeoff weight main= 990 kg
max takeoff weight alt= 2,183 lb
more general=

engine (prop)= Lycoming O-360-A1B6
type of prop= 4-cylinder air-cooled piston engine
number of props=1
power main= 149 kW
power alt= 180 hp
power original=

max speed main= 343 km/h
max speed alt= 185 knots, 213 mph
cruise speed main=
cruise speed alt=
never exceed speed main=
never exceed speed alt= 185 knots
stall speed main=
stall speed alt=
range main= 1,150 km
range alt= 621 nm, 719 mi
ceiling main= 3,050 m
ceiling alt= 10,000 ft
climb rate main= 5.33 m/s
climb rate alt= 1,050 ft/min
loading main=
loading alt=
power/mass main=
power/mass alt=
more performance=
* Maximum fuel load: 33 gallons (in contrast, this is not enough for some jets to taxi to the end of the runway)


For any elementary training aircraft a large number of minor incidents are expected, reflecting the inexperience of the pilots more than any flaws with the aircraft. Compared with its predecessors the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and the de Havilland Chipmunk, the Tutor has an excellent safety record. The only major incident so far in its RAF service occurred in June 2004, when a Tutor lost a propellor blade and its canopy in flight. The aircraft was landed unpowered in a field, where damage was also sustained to the undercarriage. Both pilots were uninjured. Subsequent investigation revealed cracking in the propellor blade roots across the fleet, which was grounded for several months as modifications were made.

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similar aircraft=
* BAe Scottish Aviation Bulldog
* Slingsby Firefly

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* List of civil aircraft
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