List of miscellanea in The Amory Wars

List of miscellanea in The Amory Wars

This is a list of miscellaneous subjects from The Amory Wars.


Heaven's Fence

The galaxy in which the events of The Amory Wars takes place. 78 planets divided into 12 sectors. Each Sector was given a capital planet and 5 follower planets, except for 7 and 12 which had 8 followers.


The heart of Star IV of Heaven's Fence and the home base of the Prise.


Little is known about this planet, other than that it is the homeworld of Coheed Kilgannon.

Dil-Ariuth IX

A desert world that is the home of the Tra-Nuvis Monks located in Sector 12 of "Heaven's Fence." It is the current location and hiding spot of Mariah Antillerea.

House Atlantic

House Atlantic is the lair in which Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan resides. It's located on the planet Apity Prime in the Omega star system and is adjacent to the city of Kalline.

hylos X

Claudio's hiding place for ten years after the Second Stage Turbine Blade, Shylos 10 is in the fence's quiet quarter where The Red Army preforms brutal interrogations.

tar IV

One of the stars within Heaven's Fence, the home of the Prise is in the centre of it, Bendelish. Towards the end of , after kills Ambellina, he mutters the words "You're burning Star IV" to The Crowing. The album sleeve of has the words "My dearest Apollo, [sic] I'll be burning Star IV".


The Book of the Ghansgraad

A book mentioned by Ryan that foretells the prophecy of The Crowing, described as "The Son of Three", in this case, Coheed, Cambria and Jesse.

The Crowing

A mythological creature whose role as a Messiah is to save the souls of Heaven's Fence by destroying it, as God intended if the Prise failed. It is speculated that Dr. Leonard Hohenberger engineered the Monstar virus to mimic the effect of the Crowing. Coheed, the carrier of the Monstar virus, failed to carry out his mission, thus leaving Claudio to become the Crowing and finish the job.



Whilst under the rule of more powerful inhabitants of Heaven's Fence, man's designation was to maintain and harvest the planets.


Genetically enhanced humans, IRO-bots were members of a defunct organization known as K.B.I.: the Knowledge, the Beast, and the Inferno. The organization's purpose was to protect the Keywork from terrorist activity.


In each of the twelve sectors, a single mage was given the authority to rule all other races. Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan is the most notable member of this race.

Onstantine Priests

After the mage war, in which Ryan became the Supreme Tri-Mage, the mages who were defeated were enslaved by the new emperor. Mutated into the Onstantine Priests, they are now ruthless killing machines who serve the Supreme Tri-Mage. Throughout the course of The Amory Wars, they hunt Claudio. Shortly after their release came their mutation, it soon became apparent that Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan had experimented on the remaining mage even further than previously speculated. Upon their creation, all the Priests had looked identical to each other. Suddenly, the Priests were "re-born" into their very own shape and size with seemingly different capabilities uniquely suited to each other. The "First Born" is able to shape shift and in its original state, looks like a huge Pterodactyl-like creature with blue skin, two arms, and a long tail with a five-fingered claw at the end. There is also a being with many tentacles that seems to be able to latch onto many things, a Hulk-like beings that can jump far and seems to use brute force againsts everything. One other shown has alien-esque facial qualities, a humanoid torso and a spider-like lower half. Still, these creatures' purpose is to hunt and destroy "The Crowing."


Created by God to guard the Keywork, their duty is to intervene if man dabbles in God's affairs. However, if they challenge God when he comes to change the face of man, he will destroy all existence. It is emphasised though, that the mages are "not" mentioned in these instructions from God.

The Star

This race is entirely uncatalogued and specifically bred by Wilhelm Ryan solely for the purpose of fueling the Keywork. This race is only known by the derogatory term, "Star" and are treated like slaves from their birth to their death on Shylos X. On the very same stowaway Claudio Kilgannon stumbled onto, these "Star" were being transported to Shylos X. On the waste planet of the Fence, Star are lined up and forced into agiant machine that sadistically murders them and steals their souls to power the Keywork and mantain Ryan's control over the Fence. While on Shylos X, while trying to understand the place and figure out his surroundings, Claudio makes contact with "Star" Cecil, who tells him of the Star who had tried to escape the morning he arrived, "The Hearshot Kid."


The Onstantine Priests

These enemies are extremely deadly, and work for Wilhelm Ryan to hunt down The Crowing. They were contained at House Atlantic in glass "tombs". They are released some time in between Devil in Jersey City and Everything Evil. The Priests are eight of the twelve Mages that ruled before the Mage War. Wilhelm Ryan took the four remaining Mages and transformed them into all seeing, blood-thirsty watchers.

The United Red Army

An elite, dangerous force dressed in red armor resembling a Star Wars Storm Trooper. Under the command of General Mayo Denftinwolf, these numerous soldiers (closely resembling numbers again of the Storm Trooper clone army) take part in the murder of Dr. Leonard Hohenberger, the kidnapping of Coheed and Cambria, the fighters in each war across the Fence in defense of Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan, and the transport and murder of the "Star" on Shylos X.

The Council of the Eurocons

Twelve Opportunitists who oversee the Keywork, making sure Ryan's followers are kept in line while seeking out the non-beleivers and crushing them. Each Council member seems to represent each sector and is represented by a unique color and symbol.

The Tra-Nuvis Monks

This ensemble of men were responsible for discovering and tending to Mariah Antillerea early in her life. They found her on a riverbank as an infant and three years later, a rare viral plague swept through the monastery. As they tried to remove her from the facility, she escaped and in turn healed all those afflicted by the plague. They house Mariah in their city on Dil-Ariuth IX in Sector 12 as first shown in the July, 2007 issue of The Amory Wars.


The Blood Machine

A machine that Long-Arm & Butchie Bleam construct in order to exctract the souls of dead bodies, which basically tears a body to shreds.

In the song 'In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3', there is a possible lyrical reference to 'My brothers blood machine' as Jesse speaking about Coheed's (or possibly Claudio's) heart, which contains a virus (the Monstar and Sinstar, respectively) ultimately capable of cooling the Star transformers, thereby destroying Heaven's Fence.

It is also theorized that the line 'Sincerely written from my brother's blood machine' is a direct reference from Jesse about the Bleam brothers' contraption, based on the assumption that it actually "is" capable of extracting the soul. The souls of Heaven's Fence have been enslaved as an energy source in the Keywork (see issues 3 and 5 of The Amory Wars and the Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV: Volume One graphic novel), and it is possible that the Bleam brothers' blood machine is used to capture the souls of the dead in order to integrate them into the Keywork.

The Keywork

A visible beam of light that goes through each planet and supplies energy. This is powered by the seven Star-Transformers.

Monstar Virus

A virus that, when activated, overwrites its host's personality and causes the host to have only one objective, the destruction of the keywork and heaven's fence. The Monstar can accomplish this for it has the ability to cool the Stars of Sirius that hold the Keywork in place.

instar Virus

A more powerful variant of the "Monstar Virus", passed down by Coheed and Cambria to their children. The virus' existence is disputed as a plot by Wilhelm Ryan to make Coheed kill his children to prevent The Crowing (which was one of the four children) from living. Another popular theory is that the Sinstar Virus was actually "The Crowing Effect"

tars of Sirius

Massive generators which power "The Keywork". In the Keywork symbol, the center circle is Star IV.

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