1852 in Ireland

1852 in Ireland


*January 5 The troopship "Birkenhead" boarded British Army recruits at Queenstown. It had insufficient lifeboats.
*February 26 The "Birkenhead" foundered. The soldiers stood to attention while women and children were placed in the lifeboats.
*The 18-arch Craigmore Viaduct near Newry, on the Dublin-Belfast railway line is opened (construction began in 1849).

Arts and literature



January to June

*25 January - Nevill Coghill, posthumous recipient of the Victoria Cross for gallantry at the Battle of Isandhlwana, South Africa (d.1879).
*28 January - Louis Brennan, inventor (d.1932).
*2 February - Lawrence E. McGann, Democrat U.S. Representative from Illinois (d.1928).
*24 February - George Moore, novelist, poet, art critic and dramatist (d.1933).
*29 February - Frank Gavan Duffy, fourth Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia (d.1936).
*15 March - Augusta, Lady Gregory, dramatist and folklorist (d.1932).
*17 March - Patrick Augustine Sheehan, priest, author and political activist (d.1913).
*27 March - Jim Connell, political activist, writer of "The Red Flag" (d.1929).

July to December

*28 July - Barton McGuckin, tenor singer (d.1913).
*30 September - Charles Villiers Stanford, composer (d.1924).
*2 October - William O'Brien, nationalist, journalist, agrarian agitator, social revolutionary, politician, party leader, newspaper publisher and author (d.1928).


*25 February - Thomas Moore, poet, singer, songwriter and entertainer (b.1779).
*25 April - Arthur O'Connor, United Irishman and later general in Napoleon's army (b.1763).
*8 May - Charles Rowan, joint first Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, head of the London Metropolitan Police (b. c1782).
*14 September - Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, soldier and statesman (b.1769).

Full date unknown

*Edward Bransfield, master in the Royal Navy (b.1785).
*William Thompson, naturalist (b.1805).
*Elliot Warburton, travel writer and novelist (b.1810).

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