Alberta general election, 1940

Alberta general election, 1940

The Alberta general election of 1940 was the ninth general election for the Province of Alberta, Canada, was held on March 21 1940 to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Despite its failure to implement its key policy, providing prosperity certificates to all Albertans, the Social Credit Party of Premier William Aberhart won a second term in government. Social Credit did despite lose a significant share of the popular vote.

The Conservative and Liberal parties, recognizing the wide-spread popularity of the Social Credit party, ran joint candidates as independents in what was called the "Independent Movement" or the "Unity Movement". Although independent candidates won almost as many votes as Social Credit, the strategy was unsuccessful in preventing Social Credit from winning a majority of the seats in the legislature. Despite the Unity Movement the Liberal party still ran two candidates under its banner.

The social democratic Cooperative Commonwealth Federation nominated candidates for the first time, but failed to win any seats in the legislature, despite winning over 10% of the popular vote under the leadership of former United Farmers of Alberta MLA Chester Ronning. Like Ronning, most of the CCF's candidates had run in the 1935 election for the UFA.



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