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3D Accelerator

Sound Card: Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Hard Disk Space 2.5GB+

* Recommended

* Pentium 4 1.4GHz +

* RAM 1GB+

* GeForce 6600GT or Higher

* Sound Card: Any DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

* Hard Disk Space 2.5GB+

"Cabal Online" ( _ko. 카발 온라인) is a free massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), created by ESTsoft.


It was released from open Beta Testing in Europe on December 21 2006. In North America, OGPlanet has picked up the license for the game and open beta testing began February 1 2008. [ [ OG Planet Rolls New MMORPG] ,] It had also been stated by IGN that the full release would most likely be by the end of February. [ [ GDC 2008: Cabal Online Update] ,] On March 3 2008, the game officially launched in North America and the open beta also began in South-East Asia.


Long ago, the CABAL cleansed the land with fury and destruction. Amidst the needless devastation, seven great masters of Force Power led the remaining survivors to rebuild.

Now, almost a thousand years later, the CABAL are puppeteering the evil again, breeding a child to be king and once again cleanse the land.

It is up to you to face the invaders of Nevareth and uncover the conspiracy behind it...

Character Classes

There are six character classes in "Cabal Online" known as the Authentic Six. [ [ CABAL Online Character Page] , OGPLanet]


"Warrior" are those who have inherited the very first form of "force". They practice physical strength by using force rather than manipulating it, thus being a warrior requires being more physically superior than those of the other forms of force. As they prioritize physical power over technique and speed, their fights are often more thrilling and dynamic. On the contrary, their understanding of force manipulation is quite limited, and thus their intelligence is given less priority in their training. However, experienced warriors are said to be able to awaken their latent abilities by using force to become berserker warriors and summon Astral Weapons by experiencing a spiritual awakening in force.

Their starting area is Bloody Ice. Warriors have high hit points, high defense, and high attack. Earlier Warrior skills are slower to cast than other classes, but have quicker skills at higher levels than other classes. They have powerful party buffs. Warriors are great for beginners. Their main weapon is a 2-handed great sword or a 2-handed Daikatana. Their Summoned Astral Weapon is a Scythe.


"Bladers" are those who have mastered the "second form of force" that were inherited since the Nevareth Exodus. According to theSage Tower, blader skills originate from a type of martial art that was practiced in an eastern country of the Lost Age, andthe martial art was discovered and developed during the Honorable Age. The first generation of the 7 sages then developed the present form of blader skills. Their practice is focused on maximizing physical abilities by using force, and they prioritize dazzling technique and speed over destructive power. In the beginning, they used various kinds of weapons, but they quickly realized that the best partners for their skills were dual swords, and settled with them. Since then, they use single or double bladeddual swords as their primary weapons, and wear light armor such as "Martial Suit Set" from the Huan continent for speed.

Just like the warriors, bladers have very limited understanding of force, and so mainly practice physical strength and agility more than studying the knowledge of force, which requires intelligence. Experienced bladers are said to be able to create multiple doppelgangers by maximizing their agility, and to bring instant death to their enemies by summoning deadly Astral Weapons which are the results of their spiritual awakening in force.

Bladers start the game in Desert Scream. They take heavy advantage of critical hits, and also have a penchant for disruption and evasion. Their main weapons are dual katanas or blades. Their Summoned Astral Weapon is a pair of Dual Claws.


Wizards are magic users who manipulate Force to compensate for their physical weakness. In the early years of Nevareth, they used a type of Force controller called "Force Stick" that was inherited from the Honorable Age, but as Core Technology was retrieved and developed, they started using Orbs. Orbs are one-handed, which means that Wizards can be equipped with an Orb in both hands to double their power. It also leads them to be able to cast multiple magic spells at the same time.

Wizards invest a lot of effort in intelligence in order to efficiently control Force. At the same time, they do not possess much physical strength or agility. Thus they prefer to wear light armor such as the Martial Suit Set. According to an unconfirmed theory, they avoid metallic armor because it prevents them from close contact with outer forces. Well-experienced wizards are said to be able to simultaneously use multiple magic spells with ease, and inflict enormous damage just by using a simple spell.

Their starting area is Desert Scream. They have high magic attack. They have the best AOE of all of the classes. Their main weapon are orbs. Their Summoned Astral Weapon is an Orb that lets them attack two targets.

Force Archer

Among the three independent combat skills, "Force Archers" originated on top of the Wizard group. They realized the potential of long-range magic spells, and studied how to intensify the potency of magic spells. It is common knowledge among force handlers that the relation between range and speed is in inverse proportion to the one between space and power. The founders of the Force Archer skills were greatly intrigued by distance and speed rather than space and power. They established the intensive long-range force attack skills for Force Archers, and created "Crystals", an advanced version of a Wizard's "Orb", which specializes in controlling force more than intensifying it. This great invention which has resulted in creating another invention, "Astral Bow" which minimizes the risk of power decrease when using long-range force and improves force control and attack speed at the same time. Later, it served as a momentum for "Astral Weapons", the embodiment of force. Controlling Crystals requires a minimum of physical strength and agility. Force Archers do not move around much compared to other classes due to their unique battle style, and they wear armor such as "Battle Suit Set" from the Pastur continent, which possesses better defense than light clothing armor. Experienced Force Archers can perform quick long-range force attacks and if they achieve a master level in force control they can deliver a fatal blow to an enemy from a far distance with one shot.

Their starting area is Green Despair. Force Archers have the longest range in of all the classes, as well as the fastest casting time. They have a small array of support skills and healing powers. Their main weapon are two crystals. Their Summoned Astral Weapon are a pair of astral guns.

Force Blader

Unlike defensive Force Shielders, Force Bladers prioritize agility for precise attacks. With the same reason, they cannot wear armor heavier than Battlesuit Set such as Armorsuit Set. Also for the Force controller, they preferred to use "Orb" which focuses on destructive power more than Force control. The research in Force Bladers obtained a fruitful result in establishing Agility Force Bladers, but it was not that satisfactory. Agility Force Blader's sword skills were not as strong as Bladers' skills, and their magic skills were not as powerful as Wizards' or Force Archers' skills. They were also unable to perform support magic spells unlike Force Shielders. They must find another way to improve their power. After long research, they realized that using sword and magic spells at the same time would compensate for the weakness. Then they created unique battle skills as known as "Magic Sword Skills". This is how Force Bladers, the Magic Swordsmen have been established. Since Force Bladers must be equally skillful in fencing and magic, they try to keep balance their practice in physical strength and intelligence. Although there are not yet many Magic Sword Skills introduced, still Force Bladers can use joint sword and magic skills. Well-experienced Force Bladers are told to be able to combine every possible magic spell with their sword skills, and inflict more damage by mastering combining magic and sword skills.

Their starting area is Green Despair. Force Bladers are the hardest to level in the game because they must constantly skill train both Magic and Sword skills to be effective. They also have extremely powerful debuff skills at higher skill ranks, which if used correctly can give a force blader a good advantage over the enemy. They have powerful hard hitting skills. Force Bladers are not recommended for beginners. They can choose katana/orb as their weapons of choice. Their Summoned Astral Weapon is an Arm Cannon.

Force Shielder

The creation of the Astral Shield opened a new chapter in the history of Nevarethian armor. The Astral Shield has such high defense strength that it can serve offensive purposes as well. Some Warriors and Bladers, who desperately needed a new way to fight and defend have become Force Shielders. They wanted higher defense as well as establishing their own unique battle style. Thus, they started using the heaviest armor such as Warrior's Armor Suit while carrying the Astral Shield. Force Shielders specialize in short-range force control, which means that they are incapable of doing long-range attacks except through magic. However, they make up for this weakness by developing supporting magic spells which increase their attack strength by manipulating outer forces near their bodies. It's these methods which match those of the Wizard's strongest asset. This revolutionary invention has become a turning point in the Nevarethian battle style. Force Shielders must invest a lot of their effort in physical strength in order to be equipped with Armor Suit, the strongest yet heaviest armor, as well as an understanding of force in order to skillfully control force. They also need to consider dexterity for decent hit rate since they can only use one-handed swords. Experienced Force Shielders know various ways of manipulating Astral Shields, and can perfect their defense if they master in short-range force control.

Their starting area is Bloody Ice. A Hybrid class, they have high defense and a lot of powerful AOE attacks. Three types of Force Shielders been dubbed by the community; they are Magic Force Shielders, Sword Force Shielders, and Hybrid Force Shielders. Sword Force Shielders are powerful in PVE, while Magic Force Shielders are good in PvP. Their main weapons are either blade/crystal or katana/orb. Their Summoned Astral Weapon is an Astral Blade Shield which is the Astral Shield combined with a blade that can be thrown like a boomerang.

pecial Skills

Skills are unlocked at certain points during your character's growth, but only by completing certain quests. With a few exceptions (Astral Board License, Nation Alignment), the skill is unlocked after you complete the Class Rank promotion quest.

Up to level 60, you gain a new skill every 10 levels.

Combo Mode

Combo Mode is unlocked at level 10, after the promotion quest, and from this point on, you are able to charge your SP (Spirit Point) bar. You can only charge 1 bar between levels 10 and 19. For each successful promotion beyond this point, you will be able to charge another bar, up to a maximum of 5 SP bars. The SP bar is charged as your player performs actions, such as using skills. Combo mode takes a small portion of your SP bar to activate. Once activated, a meter appears on the screen. The player must execute a skill near or between the bar. Depending on where you execute the skill, a miss, bad, good, or excellent will appear. Bad grants the least benefits, while excellent grants the most. Miss, however, will end the combo.

A successful execution of a skill in a combo will continue the combo until the player misses. Skills are executed faster than usual in a combo with a damage boost. The higher count success of the combo will result in the combo bar getting smaller and smaller, making it more difficult. In order to continue a combo across several enemies, you must select another enemy as your character is performing the skill that will kill the current enemy. Failure to do so will cause the combo mode to end when the current enemy dies. Many players have stated that combos are very hard to preform.

Battle Aura

Battle Aura is attained at level 20 after performing the promotion quest. You may choose from between water, ice, fire, thunder, earth, or wind. There is no difference in stats gain for different elements, only the appearance will be different. Battle Aura takes one SP bar to activate, and cannot be cancelled until the duration of the mode ends.

Battle Mode 1 and Battle Mode 2

Battle Mode 1 is gained at level 30 after finishing the promotion quest. Unlike Battle Aura, Battle Mode 1s are different for each class. Warriors will get Berserker, Bladers will get Illusionist, Wizard will get Chain Caster, Force Archers will get Multi Shooter, Force Shielders will get Counter Attack, and Force Bladers will get Force Enchanter.

Battle Mode 2 is gained at level 50 after completing the promotion quest. Unlike, Battle Mode 1 and Aura, each class summons an Astral Weapon and gains a specific skill that can only be used during Battle Mode 2. Some skills cannot be used during Battle Mode 2. Warriors will become Lancers, with their Astral Weapon being a Scythe. Bladers will become Grapplers; their Astral Weapons being a pair of Dual Claws. Wizards will become Double Casters; their Astral Weapons being Astral Orbs. Force Archers will become Twin Gunners; their Astral Weapons being a pair of Dual Handguns. Force Shielders will become Shield Masters; their Astral Weapons being a Blade Shield. Force Bladers will become Blader Shooters; their Astral Weapon being a Arm Cannon.

The cost of activating this mode, like Battle Aura, and Battle Mode 1, is 1 SP bar.

Astral Board

The Board License is available after performing a separate quest, and allows you to equip and use an Astral Board. Astral Boards can be obtained via rare drop from certain high-level monsters, or by buying in the CABAL Online Cash Shop. You need to have completed the Board License quest in order to use the Astral Board item dropped by monsters. If you purchase the board from the Cash Shop, you do not need to have the license to use it.

You also gain the ability to chain attacks on your Astral Board. At level 50, you can only do one Astral Board attack per combo mode. One attack is added to the chain per 10 levels until level 80. If you successfully attack four times on the board using the board chain attacks, you are allowed to repeat the process, and continue the combo.

Astral Bike & Buff Duration Increase

At level 80, you are able to summon an Astral Bike, that functions like an Astral Board. Like the Astral Board, it is available as a rare drop from high-level monsters, but unlike the Astral Board, you cannot buy it from the CABAL Online Cash Shop. At level 80, your buff durations will also increase by 100%. Finally, at lv 120 and Lv 150, you buff duration will again increase by 150% and 200% respectively.

At level 90, you are given the ability to chain attacks on your Astral Bike. As with the Astral Board chain skill, you are only given one attack at level 90. You are given one extra skill per promotion until you have four attacks at level 120, and if you are then able to chain four attacks, you can continue the combo.

tacking Buffs and Modes

At level 140, you are able to stack two unrelated non-Evoluated buffs. At level 170, you are able to stack three non-Evoluated buffs.

You are allowed to stack Aura and Battle Mode 1 at level 40. At level 60, Aura and Battle Mode 2 can be stacked. At level 110, you are allow to combo while using Battle Mode 1. At level 130, you are allowed to combine Battle Mode 1, Aura, and Combo mode.

At level 120, you are allowed to have six buffs on you. Seven buffs for 130, eight buffs for 140, nine buffs for 150, and ten buffs at 160.

Player Versus Player ( PvP )

To start a PvP, click a targeted character that you wish to PvP, and click "Request PvP" on the character menu that will be appeared upon targeting. Upon your request for a PvP, the targeted character will receive a message asking for his agreement. If the character accepts the PvP request. The opponent can decline the PvP either manually or automatically. Once both characters have agreed upon a PvP, a 5 second timer will count down before the pvp will start. Then the starting message will appear and you will be given 3 minutes to finish the battle. You are not allowed to use potions in PvP. If you win in PvP, you will be informed of the PvP result. If you lose in PvP, you will be informed of your death, and you will be revived from the closest warp gate with no death penalties.

Player Kill ( PK )

To start a PK, click a target character, and use the Shift key and a skill button to initiate attacks. You will receive a message informing that a PK has started. If there is no interaction between the two characters for a set duration after a PK is started, the PK will automatically end. You are allowed to use potions while PKing. If you PK on a channel where PKing is not allowed, then PKing will give you severe penalties. [ [ Cabal Online (EU) Player Kill Details] , Cabal Online (EU) Website] . If you PK on a channel where PKing is allowed, you are not penalised. The dedicated War Channel, and the Daily War Channel are always "PK-allowed" channels. PKing is allowed on channels that are displayed in white. Channels that are highlighted in green (such as the Trade channel or the Novice channel) are "PK-disallowed" channels.

During a PK, your opponent's name is highlighted in red, to indicate hostility. If either player breaks off, the name returns to whatever state is was before PK started. If PK is successful (i.e. you kill your opponent), PK Penalty status is applied to your name (see "1st Killing" below). If you continue to PK, the following applies:
*If you attempt another PK while in PK Penalty status, you will lose 10 Honor Points.
*If you kill a character while in PK Penalty status, you will lose another 100 Honor Points on the top of the 10 points that you have lost by attempting a PK.
*If you continue attempting PK while in PK Penalty status, the severity and duration of penalty will be increased.

On top of the above penalties, the following applies based on the number of killings you have, and how often you kill:
*Your 1st killing: Cannot use shops for 10 minutes. There is no Honor Point penalty. Your name turns Orange.
*Your 2nd killing on top of 1st: Cannot converse with NPCs for 30 minutes. Therefore, it is impossible to use shops, storage, and instructions or proceed with quests. Your name turns Red.
*Your 3rd killing on top of 1st & 2nd: Cannot converse with NPCs for 60 minutes, and other characters can PK you without receiving any penalties. Your name remains Red.
*Your 4th consecutive PK: Cannot converse with NPCs for 100 minutes, and have a chance of dropping equipment upon death. Your name turns Black.
*Your 5th consecutive PK: Will be confined within a labyrinthine prison for 150 minutes. Your name turns Red.

An example: If you kill one player, you are subject to PK Penalty (orange name). If you then, within the 10 minutes, kill another player, you lose 1,000 Honor Points (Attempted PK whilst in PK Penalty status), have your name turned Red, and are blocked from interacting with NPCs for 30 minutes. If more than 10 minutes passes between the first and second successful PK, you are not penalised, even though you have PKed twice, because the PK Penalty time has expired.

Weapons & Armor

Weapons and armor have specific level class requirements. Warriors can use single blades but two handed weapons are use to work skills. Bladers can have two blades, katana, or both swords as a duel combo. Achers and wizards use crystals. A Force Blader has a single sword/crystal combo and the Sheilder has one sword and shield. Only the Sheilder can use shields. There are stat and class requirements. For example, a Wizard can not equip a 2-handed Great Sword, or wear a Battle Suit armor. If they met the stat requirements for their own armor (Material Suit) and weapon then they can equip it. Rare high class weapons and armor types known be used only for one type of class. Rings, Amulets, and other equipable items can be used by all.


One of the more ingenious features of Cabal Online is the War functionality. Upon reaching level 95, a nation alignment quest is made available. This allows you to align yourself with one of two nations -- Capella or Procyon. There is no benefit between choosing one or the other. You can choose not to align yourself to a nation. Switching sides (e.g. changing from Capella to Procyon or vice versa) is possible using a premium Cash Shop item.

At certain times every day, a dedicated War Channel is opened. This special war channel is called "Tierra Gloriosa", and is opened at a set time which can be found on the website of the version you are playing. In this channel, 100 Procyons and 100 Capellas go against each other on a special map where a variety of special things are only available in Tierra Gloriosa. Players can will have to defend bases, destroy bases, build towers, and to defeat the opposing nation. The aim in War is to accumulate more points then the opposing nation. The winning nation is the nation who scored the higher points. The victor is announced across the entire server. There are different ways to gain points; by killing the opposing nation, capturing more points, capturing their base, or by destroying their guardians.

Player Killing During War

A channel is also available that allows a constant state of War. This channel is marked with a "(War)" tag. Normally, to PK a character, you must target a character, then hold the SHIFT key while selecting a skill. During a War state, you do not need to do this, and can freely attack a player of the opposing nation as if they were an in-game monster.

During a War state, players that have not declared a nation (i.e. are Neutral) will be shown with an Orange name. Players that have declared an opposing nation (i.e. are enemies to your nation) will be shown with a Red name. You cannot interact with these players. As with normal PKing, potions may be used, and there are no Death Penalties.

In certain maps, War PKing is permitted constantly, even when you are not on Tierra Gloriosa or the (War) Channel. Such maps include Forgotten Ruin and Lakeside.

Rewards For Player Killing During War

If you successfully PK an opposing player, you will win Honor Points. The amount you win is determined by this equation:

Reward = -100 + (frac{300 imes Players PKed}{Friendly Players + Enemy Players})

The Reward will be a minimum of 10 Honor Points.

Other Rewards

In War-state maps, such as Forgotten Ruin and Lakeside, you also gain Honor Points by killing the monsters there. The amount you win is determined by this equation:

Reward = -4 + (frac{12 imes EnemyPlayers}{Friendly Players + Enemy Players})

You can obtain a minimum of 1 Honor Point, and a maximum of 3 Honor Points per monster.

War Experience System

This system is currently only available in a few versions.

The war Experience system is a brand new system released by Korea CABAL on March 18, 2008 where you can trade points that you get in Tierra Gloriosa for Experience, Honor Points, or Skill experience. This replaces the PvP betting system, which was terribly abused in mostly all versions of the game.

Here is the formula for how much War Experience you can gain in Tierra Gloriosa

In all versions except Korea: Wexp = 20*(VDB)*(NWC)*A
In Korea: Wexp = 20*(VDB)*2*A
VDB = 1 if you lose, 2 if you win.

NWC is a value generated at the beginning of the month. This number is reflected depending on the number of peopleon that side of the nation. For example, If a lot of people are Procyon and theres only a few Capella, the NWC for Procyon will be at 0.5, while Capella will get a full 4x. IF the sides are even, the multiple will be even at 2x:2x ratio.
Note: In Korea, this bonus does not apply anymore is replaced by the number 2.

A applies if you have the Platinum/Diamond Service or a Blessing Bead Plus.
A = 1 if you have neither
A = 1.25 if you have Platinum/Diamond service or a Blessing Bead Plus but not both
A = 1.5 if you have both the Platinum/Diamond service and a Blessing bead Plus.

Your score is calculated as follows

TGScore= frac{(DamageDoneinTG + DamageTakeninTG + Towerbuildingscore + Heal score)}{10,000}

DamageDoneinTG and DamageTakeninTG are self explanatory
Towerbuildingscore applies when you have built towers on Permanent FT Panels or Portable FT Panels.
Heal Score applies only to characters with a Healing skill. Most of the time, FAs will get this bonus, but FS can also get the bonus if they use their heal skill.

If your score you get in Tierra Gloroisa calculates to 30 or lower, you will not gain War Experience for that Tierra Gloriosa session.

Recently, CABAL has added a system that will kick you out of Tierra Gloroisa and reset your score to zero if you have not gained points within a 10 minute period.

The rewards that you get per 100 War Experience are the following. Note: You cannot use this system to gain honor if your honor is negative.



Skill PointsThe Skill points that you earn per 100 wexp is the same for all Skill ranks.

Also, if your honor is Rank 11 or Greater, you will receive a Nation title.

Here are the titles that you can obtain


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