name = DBL-Browser
developer = Alexander Weber
operating_system = Unix
genre = XML
website = http://dbis.uni-trier.de/DBL-Browser/

DBL-Browser (Digital Bibliographic Library Browser) is a utility for browsing the computer science bibliography Digital Bibliography & Library Project (DBLP) website. The browser was written by Alexander Weber in 2005 at Universität Trier. It is designed for use off-line in reading the DBLP, which consists of 910,000 bibliographic entries, as of July 2007. The award-winning DBLP is typically updated twice a month, so that downloading several times per month allows a reasonably current mechanism for assessing the state of computer science.

DBL-Browser is GPL software, available for download from SourceForge. It uses the XML DTD. Written in Java programming language, this code shows the bibliographic entry in several types of screens, ranging from graphics to text:
*Author page
*Article page
*Table of contents
*Related conferences / journals
*Related authors (graphic representation of relationships)
*Trend analysis (graphics histogram)

DBLP is similar to the bibliographic portion of the physics arxiv.org which also links to articles. DBL-Browser provides a means to view some of the associated computer science articles.

ee also

*Google Scholar
*Live Search Academic

External links

* [http://dbis.uni-trier.de/DBL-Browser/ DBL-Browser]
* [http://dblp.uni-trier.de/ Digital Bibliography & Library Project]

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