Berliner Zeitung

Berliner Zeitung

The "Berliner Zeitung", founded in 1945, is a German center-left daily newspaper based in Berlin, published by Berliner Verlag. It is the only East German paper to achieve national prominence since unification. In 2003, the "Berliner" was Berlin's largest subscription newspaper—the weekend edition sells approximately 207,800 copies, with a readership of 468,000. The current editor-in-chief is Josef Depenbrock.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, paper was bought by Gruner + Jahr and the British publisher Robert Maxwell. Gruner + Jahr later became sole owners and relaunched it in 1997 with a completely new design. A stated goal was to turn the "Berliner Zeitung" into "Germany's "Washington Post". The daily says its journalists come "from east and west", and it styles itself as a "young, modern and dynamic" paper for the whole of Germany.

Gruner + Jahr decided to leave the newspaper business and sold the "Berliner Zeitung" in 2002 to the publishing group Holtzbrinck. This sale was forbidden by the German authorities since Holtzbrinck already owned another major Berlin newspaper, "Der Tagesspiegel". The "Berliner Zeitung" was then sold in the fall of 2005 for an estimated 150-180 million euros to the British company Mecom Group and the American company Veronis Suhler Stevenson. The employees criticized this sale vehemently, fearing that journalistic quality could suffer as a result of excessive profit expectations by Mecom boss David Montgomery.

The "Berliner Zeitung" is the first German newspaper to fall under the control of foreign investors. [Brooks (2005)] Andrew Marr, former editor of "The Independent", which like the "Berliner Zeitung" was taken over by David Montgomery, said of the "Berliner Zeitung" that " [a] nyone who was working at "The Independent" in the mid to late Nineties will find all this wearisomely familiar. David's obsession at that time was removing as much traditional reporting as possible from the paper and turning it into a tabloid-style scandal sheet for yuppies." [As quoted in a 2006 article in "The Independent" (Elkins and Burrell 2006).]

In popular culture

*In an episode of the American television series "Ugly Betty," "The Box And The Bunny", publishing mogul Bradford Meade was reading the newspaper while talking to his private investigator in the park. When his PI, Steve, asked why he was reading the paper knowing that he doesn't speak German, Bradford replied that he doesn't need to...he owns the newspaper!

List of Editors-in-chief

*May - July 1945: Alexander Kirsanow
*July 1945 - 1949: Rudolf Herrnstadt
*1962 - 1965: Joachim Herrmann
*1972 - 1989: Dieter Kerschek
*1989 - 1996: Hans Eggert
*1996 - 1998: Michael Maier
*1999 - 2001: Martin E. Süskind
*2002 - 2006: Uwe Vorkötter
*since May 2006: Josef Depenbrock




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