THEOS (satellite)

THEOS (satellite)

Infobox Spacecraft
Name = THEOS
Organisation = GISTDA
Mission_Type = Earth Observation
Launch = 1 October 2008
06:37 GMTcite web |url= |title=Russia launches Thai satellite on converted missile |date=2008-10-01 |publisher=RIA Novosti]
Carrier_Rocket = Dnepr
Dimension = 2.1x2.1x2.4 m
Mission_Duration =
Webpage =
Mass = 715 kg
Power = 840 W
Payload = 1 PAN, 1 MS cameras
Orbit = Sun-synchronous (14/5+26 orbits per day)
Orbital_elements = Yes
Orbit_regime = LEO
Inclination = 98.77
Altitude = 822 km
Orbital_Period = 101.4 minutes
Local equator crossing time = 10:00 am (descending)
Apoapsis =
Periapsis =

THEOS is an Earth observation mission of Thailand, under development at EADS Astrium SAS, Toulouse, France. In July 2004, EADS Astrium SAS signed a contract for delivery of THEOS with GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) of Bangkok, Thailand. GISTDA is Thailand's leading national organization (i.e., space agency) in the field of space activities and applications. The Thai Ministry of Science and Technology is funding the program.

It was launched from Dombarovskiy at 06:37 GMT on 1 October 2008, by a Dnepr rocket. The launch had been delayed several times after clearance for the flight was revoked by down-range countries. [cite web |url= |title=Russian Rocket: All Fueled Up, But No Place to Fly |author=Oberg, Jim | |date=2008-08-22]


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