Brookfield Community School and Language College

Brookfield Community School and Language College

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name = Brookfield Community School and Language College

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latitude = 50.8659
longitude = -1.2829
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motto = Working together for A better future
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type = Comprehensive secondary
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head = Mrs M Allan
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specialist = Languages
street = Brook Lane
city = Southampton
county = Hampshire
country = United Kingdom
postcode = SO31 7DU
LEA = Hampshire
ofsted = 116419
staff = 150 - 200
enrollment = 1800
gender = Mixed
lower_age = 11
upper_age = 16
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Brookfield Community School & Language College is a large state-funded secondary school located in the Locks Heath area of Southampton. Brookfield serves 5 feeder schools in the local area, due to the shortage of secondary schools in the local area Brookfield is an extremely over-subscribed school, the school has already increased its maximum limit to try and allow more pupils to attend the school. Brookfield is one of the largest co-educational, comprehensive secondary schools in Hampshire, the school currently has approximately 1800 students on-roll, there is approx 150 teachers employed at the school. The school teaches years 7 to 11. The School enjoys a very good reputation, attracting 98% of the local 11-16 cohort and there are large waiting lists in a number of year groups.


Specialist Status as Language College was awarded to the school in 2002. In May 2005 the OFSTED Inspection report described the school as, “good with some outstanding features. It provides a good quality of education to the students".fact|date=October 2007 The Senior Leadership Team is made up of the Headteacher, two Deputy Headteachers, four Assistant Headteachers and the Support Services Manager. Three additional members of staff are seconded for a one-year period to contribute to strategic development and policy discussion.

Each year group is organised into thirteen mixed-ability tutor groups led by the Year Learning Leader (YLL). The YLL oversees students’ academic progress and personal development. Two Pastoral Support Officers provide specialist support, taking responsibility for behaviour management.

Typical school day

This is a typical school day at Brookfield:
* 8:30am - Pupils start school and go to Registration.
* 8:40am - Lesson 1
* 9:40am - Lesson 2
* 10:40am - 15 min Break
* 10:55am - Lesson 3
* 11:55am - Lesson 4
* 12:55pm - 30 min Lunch Break
* 1:25pm - Lesson 5
* 2:25pm - End of day Registration
* 2:30pm - School ends

The school also has an on-site LRC (Library Resource Center). The LRC has almost 18,000 resources available for students and staff to use, the LRC is open from 8am - 4:15pm each school day. The LRC includes a projector, interactive whiteboard, Connexions advisors available, DVD and Video rental facilities and one of the 9 computer areas around the school.

The school also has many different after-school classes for both children and adults, including Adult education classes and the on-site Gym is also open to student & adult memberships. Student after school activities usually all end by 5:30pm, but the entire school actually closes at 10:30pm, this is mainly due to adult classes. The school is highly technological with every classroom fitted with a Projector and Interactive whiteboard with computer connections, Every teacher is also given a Laptop which is able to connect with the interactive whiteboards and projectors. It is now very rare in this school for teachers to use a traditional whiteboard, Virtually all teaching is done through the use of computerised-interactive boards. The school does not use traditional "paper registers" for student registration, instead every teacher registers children via their Laptops and transmits registration details over the school wireless network using SIMS.

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