Shelf Life (Fairly Oddparents Special)

Shelf Life (Fairly Oddparents Special)

Shelf Life is an episode of Nickelodeon's animated series, The Fairly Oddparents, created by Butch Hartman. It premiered on television on December 9, 2002.


It's summer vacation, time for rest, relaxation, fun and excitement. Also, the worst time for a 500-page book report, which Denzel Q. Crocker slaps on his class at the last minute and expects them to complete it before the end of the summer. Timmy puts off the assignment until the last minute, on Labor Day. He then wishes Tom Sawyer out of his book to try and make things easier for himself. But Tom tricks Timmy and Cosmo into giving him Cosmo's wand, and he runs amok in various books. Timmy and his fairies follow Tom into the books, trying to stop him before he reaches a physics book and turns gravity into gravy, planets into plants and Uranus is left as it is because it is so disgusting.

Featured books

The episode features many parodies of books such as:

*The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
*Sherlock Holmes
*Moby Duck (spoof of Moby-Dick)
*Tarzan: Lord of the Drapes (Parody of Tarzan of the Apes). (Tarzan: Lord of the Shapes was also used.)
*The Frankenstein Monster Truck/Monk/Hunk/Skunk (spoof of Frankenstein).
*Jason and the Pussycats (parody of Jason and the Argonauts and Josie and the Pussycats).
*The Rat in Spats (spoof of The Cat in the Hat)
*Astrophysics for Morons
*The Three Mouseketeers (spoof of The Three Musketeers) (They couldn't actually say "Mousketeer," because the only thing worse than a literary crisis is a copyright infringement lawsuit!) The Mousketeers are also aliases of Jerry and the younger mouse in Tom and Jerry.
*Tom Sawyer was a guest in the show, causing mass chaos throughout the episode.
*Sherlock Holmes also appears in the episode. He correctly deduces the names of Timmy's parents but the sound of a book being closed prevents us from hearing them.


*Tom Sawyer: "As they say in Missouri, 'I ain't goin' back to Missouri!'"
*Wanda (in the "All-Men-Are-Idiots-section"): "Oh Hilary, how did you put up with it?"
*Tom Sawyer: "In Missouri frownin's a state sport!"
*Rat in Spats (to Tom after he insulted his clown-like shoes): "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SHOES PUNK?!!"
*Chester McBadbat: "I decided I'm going to flunk, so I stopped caring months ago!"
*Timmy Turner: He could turn "gravity" into "gravy"! He could turn "planets" into "plants"!
*Wanda: He can turn Uranus into . . . oh my gosh, we've got to stop him!
*Sherlock Holmes: (Crocker-like spasm) DIAMONDS!

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