Subcutaneous tissue

Subcutaneous tissue

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Name = Subcutaneous tissue
Latin = tela subcutanea
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Caption = The distribution of the bloodvessels in the skin of the sole of the foot. (Subcutaneous tissue is labeled at bottom left.)

Caption2 = Cross-section of all skin layers. (Subcutis labeled at bottom right.)
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The subcutaneous tissue or subcutis is the layer of loose connective tissue directly underlying the dermis. [MeshName|Subcutaneous+Tissue] It is mainly composed of adipose tissue. Its thickness depends on the amount of fat present. [ [ SkinCancerNet Glossary] ] Its physiological function includes insulation and storage of nutrients.


Subcutaneous injections are given by injecting a fluid or a solid pellet into the subcutis. It is used to administer a variety of medical treatments. Subcutaneous injections of fluid are used to administer vaccines and medications. A pellet may be injected to deliver long-lasting doses of medication such as goserelin. Subcutaneous injections provide slow and constant absorption and are one of the parenteral routes of administration.

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