Richard Louis Bruno

Richard Louis Bruno

Dr. Richard Louis Bruno is a clinical psychophysiologist, and an expert in Post-Polio Sequelae (PPS, also known as "Post-polio syndrome") [Goodwin, "Post-polio syndrome" in #Sources] . PPS are the unexpected and often disabling fatigue, muscle weakness and pain that are occurring in the world's 20 million survivors of polio.

Dr. Bruno trained at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University. In 1984, Dr. Bruno organized the International Post-Polio Task Force, which he chairs. He also serves as advisor to post-polio support groups on four continents. Dr. Bruno edited three special issues of the journal "Orthopedics" devoted to PPS, and advises both Congress and the federal government on PPS-related issues. Dr. Bruno drafted the Social Security Disability regulations for PPS. In 2003 he drafted and, with Congressman Steve Rothman and Senator Arlen Specter, won release of a Social Security Ruling for Post-Polio Sequelae to stop denials of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for PPS. [(Rothman, "Year of Polio Awareness") in #Sources]

Dr. Bruno's work has been published in many journals including "Stroke", "Biofeedback and Self-Regulation", the "Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", "Neurology, Disability and Society", the "Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Psychophysiology, Sexuality and Disability", the "American Journal of Medicine", "Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences". He is also a contributing editor of "New Mobility" magazine. Dr. Bruno conceived and co-wrote the story on the NBC series "American Dreams" about nine-year-old Will Pryor, who had one leg paralyzed by polio, having surgery so that he would no longer need to wear a long-leg brace.

Dr. Bruno has received numerous honors for his work, including the New Jersey Pride Award in Health, and an honorary Doctor of Humanics degree from Springfield College. Dr. Bruno was also selected to present the 45th Annual "John Stanley Coulter Lecture" [ [ American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine - Research and Awards - John Stanley Coulter Lecture Award History ] ] to the annual meeting of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. [ [ American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine] ]

Dr. Bruno lectures throughout the world and his work is frequently covered by the media. Articles on Dr. Bruno's work have appeared in "Newsweek", The New York "Times" and "USA Today". He has appeared on NBC's "Today" Show and ABC's "Good Morning America", on CNN, The "CBS Evening News", ABC News "Nightline", on the BBC, CBC, National Public Radio, and on The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

Dr. Bruno is director of The Post-Polio Institute, International Centre for Post-Polio Education and Research and Fatigue Management Programs at New Jersey's Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. [M.E. "Profile" in #Sources] His book "The Polio Paradox: Uncovering the Hidden History of Polio to Understand and Treat "Post-Polio Syndrome" and Chronic Fatigue", is published by Warner Books. (ISBN 0446690694)

Past abuse of polio patients prevents treatment for PPS today

A study of 1,185 polio survivors, conducted by Dr. Nancy Frick and Dr. Bruno, found that 34 percent of them were physically abused during their initial (childhood) treatment for polio, and 94 percent reported emotional abuse. Sexual abuse was reported at a rate three times as high as that for the general population of that age group -- those who were children in the 1940s and 1950s. [Noble "Scientist at Work" in #Sources] Commenting on this history, Dr Bruno says "It's no wonder that so many polio survivors refuse to appear disabled again by using by using crutches, braces or, God forbid, a wheelchair. It appears that polio survivors have been using Type-A behavior as protection against their deep fear of further abuse and criticism."


Dr. Bruno advocates universal vaccination for polio.

"We start getting not just five cases as in Minnesota, but 50 or 500 cases of polio. Parents are going to wake up and say, 'We should be vaccinating.' The price of not vaccinating is much higher than the potential price of vaccinating." [Post "Minnesota polio cases raise awareness of immunization" in #Sources]

"The CDC estimates that nearly 93% of US children 19-35 months old are vaccinated against polio. Ninety-three percent sounds good, until you realize that leaves more than one million toddlers unvaccinated. What is worse, toddlers below the poverty line have even lower polio vaccination rates, 89.5% in Newark and 87% in New York City, a rate equal to Asian countries that include Cambodia, Mongolia and Viet Nam. These statistics are especially frightening considering the ease of air travel to the US from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria, where polio has never come under control, and from the ten African and Asian nations that were polio-free but where the poliovirus has been reintroduced. What will happen when a healthy-appearing but polio-infected international traveler lands at an airport and travels through a poor community? Every American child must receive all four doses of the injectable, inactivated polio vaccine. America's polio epidemic could be just a plane ride away." ["Keeping polio at bay in New Jersey . The Record, September 4, 2007]


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*cite web |url= |title=Minnesota polio cases raise awareness of immunization |accessdate=2007-07-23 |author=Tim Post |authorlink= |date=October 28, 2005 |work=MPR News |publisher=Minnesota Public Radio |quote="There's no reason why every child in America shouldn't be vaccinated against polio," said Bruno. "Parents should demand it, and school districts should demand that every kid that comes into kindergarten be vaccinated against polio and all diseases."
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