Austral Islands

Austral Islands

Infobox Islands
name = Austral Islands

image caption = Flag of the Austral Islands
image size = 150px

native name = Îles Australes
native name link = French language
nickname =
location = Pacific Ocean
coordinates =
archipelago = Polynesia
total islands = 7
major islands = Îles Maria, Rimatara, Rapa Iti, Tubuai
area = 148 km²
highest mount =
elevation =
country = France
country admin divisions title = Overseas collectivity
country admin divisions = French Polynesia
country capital city =
country largest city = Rurutu
country largest city population = 2,088
country leader title =
country leader name =
population = 6,310fr icon cite web| url=| title=Recensement de la population 2007| author=Institut Statistique de Polynésie Française (ISPF)|format=PDF|accessdate=2007-12-02]
population as of = Aug. 2007 census
density = 43
ethnic groups =
additional info =

The Austral Islands (French: "Îles Australes" or "Archipel des Australes") are the southernmost group of islands in French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the South Pacific. Geographically, the Austral Islands consist of two separate archipelagos. From northwest to southeast they are:
* The "Tubuai Islands" ( _fr. Îles Tubuaï), named for one of the main islands. It consists of:
** Îles Maria (coord|21|48|00|S|154|41|00|W|) in the northwest, part of Rimatara municipality
** Rimatara (coord|22|38|25|S|152|50|16|W|),
** Rurutu (coord|22|29|04|S|151|20|03|W|),
** Tubuai (coord|23|23|00|S|149|27|00|W|),
** Raivavae or "Raevavae" (coord|23|52|00|S|147|40|00|W|),
* The "Bass Islands" ( _fr. Îles Bass), is composed of :
** the main island of Rapa (coord|27|35|00|S|144|20|00|W|),
** the small but inhabited Marotiri island (coord|27|55|00|S|143|26|00|W|) in the southeast, part of Rapa municipalityThe islands of Maria and Marotiri are not suitable for sustained habitation. Several of the islands have uninhabited islets or rocks off their coastlines.

In administrative terms, the Austral Islands (including the Bass Islands) constitute an administrative subdivision, the Austral Islands ("subdivision administrative des (Îles) Australes"), one of French Polynesia's five administrative subdivisions ("subdivision administratives"). Geographically, the administrative subdivision of the Austral Islands is identical with the electoral district of the Austral Islands ("circonscription des Îles Australes"), one of French Polynesia's six electoral districts ("circonsriptions électorales") for the Assembly of French Polynesia.

The capital of the Austral Islands administrative subdivision is Tubuai.

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