Dinky Di's

Dinky Di's

Dinky Di's was an early 1990s animated cartoon with anthropomorphic animal heroes who fought to prevent environmental damage and rescue endangered animal and bird species from the satanic Mr. Mephisto. It was produced in Australia by Roo and created by Mel Bradford.

Known as the "Friends on freedom's frontier", the squad is well organised with a command center, computer network, and high-tech, amphibious vehicles. They are led by Aussie (a kangaroo) and Cass (a koala), and aided by characters from across the globe.

Mr. Mephisto, a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes, uses a gang of stereotypically maligned beasts to do his dirty work: Rancid Rat, Hugo Hyena, Ganny Iguana, and others. Mephisto's true identity, however, is a true mystery to the Dinky Di's, and one which, when solved, will be a major step towards slowing damage to the planet.

Like other ecologically-hinged shows of the period (for instance, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Dinky Di's taught children about their responsibility to the planet's fauna and flora and the very real dangers of thoughtless behaviour.

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