Mṛcchakaṭika (The Little Clay Cart) (Sanskrit: मृच्छकटिकम्), also spelled Mrcchakatika, Mricchakatika, or Mrichchhakatika, is the name of a ten act Sanskrit play written by Śūdraka (Sanskrit: शूद्रक) in the 2nd century BC. It is set in Pataliputra (modern-day Patna).



Rife with romance, sex, court intrigue and comedy, the plot of the play has numerous twists and turns. The main story is about a young man named Charudatta (Sanskrit: चारुदत्त), and his love for Vasantasena (Sanskrit: वसन्तसेना), a rich courtesan or nagarvadhu. The love affair is complicated by a royal courtier, who is also attracted to Vasantasena. The plot is further complicated by thieves and mistaken identities, thus making it a hilarious and entertaining play.


  • Charudatta
  • Vasantsena
  • Cheta-Kumbhilika
  • Vidhushaka


  • The Indian play depicted in the 2001 film Moulin Rouge!, "Spectacular Spectacular", may have been based on The Little Clay Cart.

Additional reading

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