The Secret of Red Gate Farm

The Secret of Red Gate Farm

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author = Carolyn Keene
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country = United States
language = English
series = Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
genre = Mystery novel
publisher = Grosset & Dunlap
release_date = 1931
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"The Secret of Red Gate Farm" is a novel in the Nancy Drew mystery series.

This volume further develops Bess and George and their friendly yet antagonistic relationship. In the original 1931 version, the girls encounter an odd French-Chinese perfume saleswoman, reluctant to sell a particular fragrance to Bess. On a return train trip to River Heights, they ponder her odd behavior and encounter the malnourished Millie Byrd, on her way to the "city" to seek employment. Millie becomes acquainted with the girls, and when Nancy accompanies her to a job interview, Nancy uncovers a mysterious code in the office. Millie's grandmother, owner of Red Gate Farm, welcomes the trio and Millie to her farm where they plan to vacation as paid boarders, and assist with waiting on other boarders. On the farm, Nancy uncovers a group called The Black Snake Colony -- a "nature cult" -- who are tenants on a portion of Mrs. Byrd's farm. Accused of passing counterfeit money, Nancy shares details of the odd colony and the codes obtained in the office building with Federal agents. Nancy, Bess, George, and Millie go undercover disguised in the white robes and hoods worn by the cult members, and join them in their cave hideaway.

The plot of the revised, 1961 version is nearly identical, although condensed. The action is faster paced, and also involves a name change--Millie (possibly chosen by ghostwriter Mildred Benson to depict herself) is updated to Joanne; George is bitten by a snake to provide additional excitement, one of the Red Gate Farm boarder's sons is a Federal agent with an eye for the young Nancy.


*In the revised edition, Millie Byrd is renamed as Joanne Byrd.

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