Liu Changchun

Liu Changchun

Liu Changchun (zh-tspw|t=劉長春|s=刘长春|p=Liú Chángchūn|w=Liu Ch'ang-Ch'un; listed in official Olympic records as "Liu, Cheng-Chun";"The Games of the Xth Olympiad, Los Angeles, 1932: Official Report", The Xth Olympiade Committee of the Games of Los Angeles, U.S.A. 1932 Ltd., 1933.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-18] born 1909 on Ping Island, Jin County, Fengtian, China,"The first Chinese to step into the Olympic arena—Liu Changchun", _zh. 「第一個踏上奧運賽場的中國人─劉長春」, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee ( [] ), publication and copyright dates unknown.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-19] "The avant-garde of Chinese physical education—Liu Changchun", _zh. 「中華體育先驅─劉長春」, Dialian University of Technology, 2003.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-18] died Death date|1983|02|21 in Dalian, China) was a Chinese athlete.Liu represented China for the first time in competition at an Olympic Games as the sole competitor from the Republic of China at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles; four years later he again represented the Republic of China at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.He was also an athletics coach and physical education teacher and a sports administrator.

Background of Liu attending 1932 Summer Olympics

Due to Sino-Japanese War, the Nationalist Government in China denied to attend 1932 Summer Olympics. However, the Japanese puppet state in northeast China, Manchukuo, announced that two athletes, Liu Chang-chun and Yu Xi-wei would represent Manchukuo to attend 1932 Summer Olympics through de-facto government-controlled newspaper.

May 1932, Liu Chang-chun proclaimed that as a Chinese, he never represented the puppet state of Manchukuo to attend 10th Summer Olympic Games in a Chinese newspaper, Ta Kung Pao. Liu denied to represent Manchukuo, and was willing to represent China to attend 10th Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Liu found it difficult to attend 10th Summer Olympic Games because he was not financed by the Nationalist Government. His trip came true after General Zhang Xue-liang (Chang Hsüeh-liang) provided 8,000 Silver Dollars (Yin-yuan) to Liu.

A journey to 1932 Summer Olympics

31 July, the first racing day, Liu attended 100m preliminary, and he was arranged in group 2, which had 6 athletes involved. In the diary of Liu, "The winner ran faster than me about 4 yards at the end, his time was 10.9 sec. Liu said, "I was the fourth runner-up, the time was about 11 sec. In this competition, I got ahead before 60m, however, other competitors overtook me after 80 m. I cannot get a better result due to exhaustion from a month-long journey to U.S.,and lack of exercise during the journey."

Liu registered for Men's 100m, 200m, and 400m. He, however, gave up to attend Men's 400m due to tiredness. Liu failed to get a place in Final of Men's 100m and 200m. Liu left Los Angeles in 21 August, and arrived Shanghai in 16 Sepetmber.

Teaching and Sports Administration Career

Liu began his teaching career in the 1930s. He taught as assistant instructor, lecturer, associate professor, and professor of physical education at
*Northeastern Univeristy (zh-ts|t=東北大學|s=东北大学; [] ),
*Beijing Normal University (zh-ts|t=北京師範大學|s=北京师范大学; [] ),
*Northeastern Chung-Cheng University (zh-ts|t=東北中正大學|s=东北中正大学), and
*Dalian University of Technology (zh-ts|t=大連理工大學|s=大连理工大学; [] ).The Liu Changchun Gymnasium at Dalian University of TechnologyLiu Changchun Gymnasium, Dalian University of Technology.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-18] is named in honor of Liu.

As a sports administrator, Liu served in many capacities:
*In 1964 Liu was elected Member of the Fourth Committee of the All-China Sports Federation (zh-ts|t=中華全國體育總會|s=中华全国体育总会 [] ), and later became a permanent committee member of the sports federation.
*In 1978 Liu served as Member of the Fifth Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.
*Liu was vice chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee ( [] ).

Liu is the author of the books "Track and Field Instructional Methodology" (zh-ts|t=《田徑指導法》|s=《田径指导法》) and "Track and Field Judging Methodology" (zh-ts|t=《田徑裁判法》|s=《田径裁判法》).

Liu's wishes for the future of sports in China

According to Liu's son, hot tears welled up in Liu's eyesFact|date=August 2008 when the Chinese women's team won the Volleyball World Cup in 1981. He had two wishes:Fact|date=August 2008 The first wish was that the Chinese would win a gold medal in Olympic Games, the national flag would fly, and the national anthem would be played at the Olympic Games. The second wish was that China would host the Olympic Games, a wish that is fulfilled 27 years later as China hosts the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Liu's life became a subject of a film titled The One Man Olympics released in 2008.

ee Also

*Republic of China at the 1932 Summer Olympics
*Republic of China at the 1936 Summer Olympics
*Yang Chuan-Kwang, recognized by both the Republic of China ["The first Chinese Olympic medalist—Yang Chuan Kwang", _zh. 「中國人第一面奧運獎牌得主─楊傳廣」, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, publication and copyright dates unknown.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-20
] and the People's Republic of China ["The first Chinese on the Olympic medal podium, Yang Chuan-Kwang wins the silver medal in the decathlon", _zh. 「中國人首登奧運領獎臺 楊傳廣十項全能獲銀牌」, Chinese Athletic Association, publication and copyright dates unknown.
* [] , retrieved on 2008-08-20
] as the first Chinese Olympic medalist, represented the Republic of China at the 1960 Summer Olympics and won the silver medal in the decathlon


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