Song 2

Song 2

Infobox Single
Name = Song 2

Artist = Blur
from Album = Blur
Released = 7 April, 1997
Format = 7" vinyl, CD
Recorded = 1997
Genre = Alternative rock
Length = 2:02
Label = Food
Virgin Records America
Writer =
Producer = Stephen Street
Chart position = *#2 (UK)
*#6 US Modern Rock Tracks
Last single = "Beetlebum"
This single = "Song 2"
Next single = "On Your Own"
"Song 2" is a song by Blur, and the second single released from their fifth album "Blur" in April 1997. The track, known for its overdriven chorus, is among the most well-known songs the band has recorded, particularly in the United States, where it remains their biggest hit to date. It is also known as the "woohoo song".


Damon Albarn stated at the song's debut live performance at the RDS in Dublin in June 1996 that "This one's called 'Song 2', 'cos we haven't got a name for it yet". The working title ended up sticking. Coincidences surrounding the number two eventually became associated with the song: it was the second track on the album, was the second single from the album to be released, and reached #2 in the UK singles chart, is exactly two minutes and two seconds long, and is also the second track on their compilation "". It also placed #2 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 1997 in Australia.


In the UK, "Song 2" built upon the success of Blur's prior #1 single "Beetlebum", reaching, fittingly enough, #2 in the charts. It was also the band's biggest hit in the USA, reaching #6 on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks. Though it is decidedly atypical of Blur's trademark style, in America it is the song most closely associated with the band.

The song became quite popular upon its release in 1997 on college and modern rock radio stations in the USA. Due to its catchy chorus, mainly the word "Woohoo", it has been licensed worldwide on numerous occasions. Its first and most notable appearance came as the title music for the hit video game . It has been used in numerous advertisements, including commercials for the Pentium II, the Nissan Sentra, television spots for the film "Starship Troopers", and is often heard in football (soccer), ice hockey, and baseball stadiums when goals or runs are scored. For one season, the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League played this song every time they scored a goal in a home game. The Carolina League's Wilmington Blue Rocks play the song each time a run is scored while one of their mascots, Mr. Celery, dances on the field. [ [] Wilmington Blue Rocks] It is also played by the National Football League's New England Patriots whenever a field goal is scored during home games at Gillette Stadium. The song also gained recognition in Canada, as the theme for the Labatt Brewing Company. Famously, the American military requested to use the track at the launch of a new stealth bomber [ [] - Strange News From Another Star ] , but the band refused to allow this, as Albarn is an anti-war campaigner. [ [,,1188725,00.html Britpop rebel with a cause says no new nukes] - The Guardian] [ [ Massive Effort!] -] The song also features in the Episode "Stanley's Cup" (Season 10, Episode 14) of the sitcom South Park.The song is also played right outside Ripley's Moving Theater in Gatlinburg,Tenessee.the video is featured in the 2007 karaoke game,"Singstar Rocks".


The video for this song was directed by Sophie Muller, and it features the band playing in a small, secluded room with loud speakers behind them. During the choruses a strong wind seems to blow in the room.

This video bears striking resemblances to Blur's video for Popscene.

Cover versions

The song has been covered by a number of artists, including:
*During live performances by American bands Weezer, Wallflowers and Plain White T's.
*Plain White T's recorded a version which is on the Fearless Records compilation Punk Goes 90s.
*Neo-Nazi band Kremator does a cover called Song 88.
*AFI covered the song as the traditional first song of MTV's 2007 New Years special.
*My Chemical Romance for Radio 1's Live Lounge, and again for the 'NME Awards 2008 Compilation'.
*British rapper Plan B covers the song during his live performance, adding in his own rapping verse before the first proper verse of the song.
*French bands Dionysos and Louise Attaque covered the song during Taratata (TV). You can also find a concert performance on their live DVD's: "Y'a-t-il quelqu'un ici" from Louise Attaque and "Monsters in Live" from Dionysos
*Brock Landers sampled the songs with his dance songs S.M.D.U.
*The German Punk Band Die Toten Hosen played this song on their 2005 concert "Heimspiel" in Düsseldorf.
*By David Desrosiers, Matt Brann and Craig Wood In An Avril Lavigne's Show.
*By Earl Okin on his 2002 CD Sex Symbol & Musical Genius
*EVL frequently cover this song live

Cultural References

Song 2 has been featured in various media outlets across the globe, including: a 1998 Toyota Corolla advertisement in Australia; the 1999 Scottish Indie film "Fast Food;" FIFA 98 the video game; a 2001 BMW short film "Star" featuring Madonna & Clive Owen; the Torchwood episode "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"; and the South Park episode Stanley's Cup.

Track listing

#"Song 2"
#"Get Out of Cities"

#"Song 2"
#"Get Out of Cities"
#"Polished Stone"

#"Song 2"
#"Bustin' + Dronin'"
#"Country Sad Ballad Man" (live acoustic)

*International CD
#"Song 2"
#"Get Out of Cities"
#"Polished Stone"
#"Bustin' + Dronin'"

*Japan Tour CD
#"Song 2"
#"Get Out of Cities"
#"Polished Stone"
#"Bustin' + Dronin'"
#"Beetlebum" (Mario Caldato Jr. mix)
#"Beetlebum" (instrumental)
#"Country Sad Ballad Man" (live acoustic)
#"On Your Own" (live acoustic)

Production Credits

*"Song 2" and "Beetlebum" produced by Stephen Street
*"Polished Stone" and "Bustin' + Dronin'" produced by Blur
*"Get Out of Cities" produced by Stephen Street, additional production by Blur and Jason Cox

Chart positions


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