Felici's law

Felici's law

In physics, Felici's law allows you to calculate the net charge through a circuit configuration in which there's a current induced by a variable magnetic field (for example a conductor coil immersed in a variable magnetic field). With this law it's possible to calculate net charge in a period using initial and final flux.

q(t) = {1 over mathrm{R [Phi_a(t) - Phi_b(t)]


q(t) = int_a^b i(t)dt = {1 over mathrm{Rint_a^b {varepsilon}(t)dt = {1 over mathrm{R [Phi_a(t) - Phi_b(t)]

Remember that {varepsilon}(t)=- {dPhi(t) over dt}

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