List of Primary Urban Areas in England by population

List of Primary Urban Areas in England by population

This is a list of Primary Urban Areas in England ordered by population. It should be noted however that a large number of these areas do not hold official City status in the United Kingdom and these figures do not correspond with List of largest United Kingdom settlements by population

Historically, the boundaries of cities with in England and the United Kingdom as a whole have remained largely undefined,Fact|date=July 2007 leading to difficulties in comparisons between them. However, a definitive list of cities in the United Kingdom, which in itself would constitute a type of definition known as an Extensional definition (specifically, an enumerative definition) does exist, [ [ Department of Constitutional Affairs webpage defining cities.] Retrieval Date: 22 July, 2007.] , though it does not define the limits of these cities. To allow such comparisons to be made the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, in conjunction with other Government departments, began compiling reports and a database to allow comparison of the English cities. This report is known as the State of the English Cities Report [cite web|url=|title=State of the English Cities Report)|publisher=Department for Communities and Local Government|accessdate=2007-07-21] and is now maintained by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Using this definition a "city" is defined as a Primary Urban Area, which is distinct from the Office for National Statistics Urban Area agglomerations, with a total population in excess of 125,000 [cite web|url=|title=State of the English Cities (city definition, see 2.3.5)|publisher=Department for Communities and Local Government|accessdate=2007-07-21] . The population figures are based on the cumulative total population of the constituent wards. This list is not the same as the list of local authorities which have been granted city status and is intended to define the physical extent of the largest urban centres. These are available from the State of the Cities Database [cite web|url=|title=State of the Cities Database (population figures)|publisher=Department for Communities and Local Government|accessdate=2007-07-21] .

However, some considerable controversy exists when using these figures, for example the Manchester PUA contains the City of Manchester and also includes that of the City of Salford which is a Metropolitan borough and has held city status since 1926. [cite web|url=|title=What is a Primary Urban Areas (PUA)?|publisher=Department for Communities and Local Government|accessdate=2007-07-21] . The inclusion of the City of Wolverhampton and the Black Country in the Birmingham PUA also led to a meeting of the West Midlands group of MPs where their displeasure was made clear to David Miliband, then the Minister in charge. This inclusion of Wolverhampton demonstrates differences between PUAs and the Eurostat equivalent, where Wolverhampton has its own Larger Urban Zone. [cite web|url=|title=Urban Audit Analysis II|publisher=Eurostat|accessdate=2008-10-05] [cite web|url=|title=European Regional and Urban Statistics|publisher=Eurostat|accessdate=2008-10-05] [cite web|url=|title=Urban Audit - City Profiles: Wolverhampton|publisher=Urban Audit|accessdate=2008-10-05]

In addition a large number of these "cities" as defined by Primary Urban Area such as Aldershot, Blackburn, Burnley, Bolton, Chatham, Mansfield, Milton Keynes, Rochdale, Southend, etc have not been granted any form of official City status in the United Kingdom and are therefore considered to be a Town.

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